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[USA] [Custom] Rookgaard Tales - Hard Gameplay

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Jan 4, 2009
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Zapotlán del Rey, Jalisco, México.
My name is Francisco Fonseca and today I want to invite you to play and share with you the evolution of my project Rookgaard Tales! It is a server I've worked for over 15 years by now with much love and passion. The server has 3 years online! Let me explain a few of the many features I offer in our server:

Rookgaard Tales is free premium, an edited custom project who does not focus in only Rookgaard Gameplay, uses Rookgaard as main city to gather players in a single town and explore a vast world with all kind of creatures, over 200+ quests, hunting tasks and much more including the lastest sprites of Cipsoft's Tibia. If that is not enough we have a Dark World version of Rookgaard filled with overwhelming creatures and incredible dungeons with riddles and bosses. You may choose a vocation, get summons, craft items, trainers, farming, improved fishing, mining and many features waiting to be discovered!

Thank You very much for reading, and please give a chance to my server! I'm always at discord listening to the community and reading the proposals to make our game even better everyday!

Experience and Loot and PVP:
Experience and loot rates are x1. I aim to create a world where you commit with your character day by day by living a true hard gameplay. The game is Player Vs Player with Tibia 9.1 PVP System.

Bot and Multiclient:
No bot or Multiclient are allowed in our game. Currently we are a small community who focuses in quality of game rather than just a big online list with idle community. Join our Discord server and introduce yourself to the community!

Points System:
In Rookgaard Tales we have a game Shop in wich you can directly purchase items by exchanging Tibia Coins. Tibia Coins are earned in game by completing Quests, Tasks or Defeating Bosses! There are over 200+ bosses that spawn in our huge world. You can also buy points directly with money if you want to support us.

You can craft weapons and armor pieces with the blacksmiths NPCs, also you can boost your equipment stats up to 3 points with the blacksmith by transforming old set pieces into materia, similar to other popular RPGs. Note that armor and weapon drop rate has been drastically nerfed.

Farming, Mining, Fishing:
You can use farms to rent animals to get their resources or plant seeds to sell your harvests, similar to other farming games. With pick you may destroy stones and find valuable gems. Also you can use a Mechanical Fishing rod to fish up treasures from the sea! - This way money is not a problem with our modified loot system. Our game does not has inflation.

You may junction with God Summons to aid you in battle, they are hidden in the deepest dungeons, awaiting for a hero to defeat them or junction with. They are part of our awesome Game Lore. There are also other Summons with incredible and unique features like flying to other places or call shop wherever you are.

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