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Nov 6, 2017
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I think auto heal atleast should be included in the client, in tibia healing just pretty much comes down to spamming the healing and mana potion key every second, its not hard its just very annoying and boring to do. And in servers like this everyone is pretty much used to playing with healing bot already.


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Aug 9, 2008
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United States
Due to unforeseen circumstances the client update won't be able to apply automatically. Please redownload the client from the downloads page.


* Reworded a misleading button label in the Tasks Window.
* Increased the chance to successfully add enchantment slots with Orbs of Enchantment.
* Fixed an issue where some items couldn't be properly used to infuse the Artifact Weapons.
* The Artifact Weapon infusion description will now display the damage bonus. Keep in mind that people that have already had their artifacts infused may see double information - this will go away once you infuse again or your artifact levels up.
* Fixed an issue where players using the built-in proxy would have in-game IP restrictions imposed on them.
* Added !balance command which can be used to check your bank balance.
* Lowered the cooldown of the Mana Burn spell.
* Adjusted the level requirement of the Heal Friend spell.
* Unstable Energy Arrows have been removed, instead we have added Diamond Arrows which deal consistent physical damage. The Unstable Energy Arrows made paladins extremely strong in mage spawns where there are monsters that are severely weak against energy damage.
* Fixed Mummified Merchant NPC trade line to display what he properly trades for now.
* Fixed all instances of the Loot Trader NPC item names mismatching.
* Medicine Pouches can now be traded to The Wise Man in the main city.
* Dwarf Geomancers damage decreased.
* Copper Ring now gives the displayed stats when equipped.
* Fixed an issue where Royal Guard Armor did not display the required vocation to equip.
* Added Greenwood Coat and Dragon Robe to the Loot Trader NPC.
* The Wise Man NPC now responds to invalid keywords.
* Increased the damage of Death Wave.
* Lowered the mana required to conjure bolts from 1500 to 600.
* Fixed the level requirement to wield the Warhawk Axe.
* Fixed an issue with the Enchantment Vessel not working properly.
* Fixed the artifact level requirement of the Thunder Storm spell.
* Fixed the sword reward from the first tier of Last Creep Standing.
* Fixed missing attack attributes for Crude Umbral Bow and Crude Umbral Crossbow.
* Fixed Alchemy 101 Quest Reward (players should now be able to re-open the chest as well).
* Fixed an issue where players were not able to exit the Tutorial Island through the east teleport at the first spawn point if they were the required level to leave.
* The Amulet of Loss that players start with will no longer have 1 empty enchantment slot.
* Decreased the number of dwarves in the middle room of the Mine Cart Carnage quest.
* Increased the number and respawn rate of Dragons in the Dragons spawn.
* Fixed an issue where the Last Creep Standing quest did not give players a goblet for the "Dreadful" difficulty.
* Add a highest level player requirement to many bosses/raids. For example, the "Mindfk" raid will not start if no players are level 1,400 yet (level required to enter the boss spawns in).
* Replaced Molten Plate with Green Leggings as a reward for one of the difficulties of the Challenge Room.
* Fixed an issue where the Enchantment Vessel did not properly transfer over the enchantment.
* Fixed an issue where stats could stack in the Charm Bag.
* Fixed a potential issue with the magic wall removal logic that caused the magic walls to not disappear under certain circumstances.
* Re-enabled the Retro Field Effects Store offer.
* Fixed an issue where the Demon Altar would not give players a Golden Key.
* Fixed an issue where players under certain circumstances were not allowed to open the Annihilator quest chests.
* Fixed the names of Cyntara shrines.
* Added a teleport near the bridge in the Wrath of the Emperor quest that allows players re-entry to the castle if they have completed the 4 lever challenge at least once.
* Adjusted a lot of the later-game weapon progression. Players should no longer receive quest rewards that are a higher level than the quest entry level requirement. Reworked the stats of a lot of the later-game weapons and introduced 10 new weapons; these changes also enable players to obtain the top-tier non-Artifact weapons. These changes also required us to add an additional quest inside Ferumbras Tower.
* Adjusted the level requirements of the following items: Crown Armor, Focus Cape, Belted Cape, Spellbook of Enlightenment, Steel Crusher, Bronzed Mace, Plate Legs, Warhawk Axe, Arbalest, and Dwarven Axe.
* Decreased the level requirement to enter the following spawns: Cyclops, Dragons, Crazed Beggars, Squirrels, Priestesses, Giant Spiders, Ice Golems and Djinns.
* The difficulty of the following monsters has been decreased: Dwarf Geomancer, The Noxious Spawn, Deathstrike, Adept of the Cult, Lensine, Armadile, Hideous Fungus, Humongous Fungus, Stone Devourer.
* Fixed an issue where Knights were allowed to equip charms that provided >2 magic levels.
* Fixed an issue where certain items could not have enchantment slots added to them; all equipment and weapons should be properly indexed now.


* Increased the chat history limit.
* You can now use the Space button and the CTRL+Space buttons to select the next and previous target respectively. This feature works only when the chat is disabled (chat off mode). The targetting will follow the battle list order. If you want this feature to only target monsters you will have to hide everything but monsters in the battle list filters.
* Fixed the advertisement keyword watcher not adjusting its height when stretching the chat panel.
* Changing the NPC Trade window offer will now reset the amount slider.
* Adjusted the spacing between creature entries in the battle window.
* Closing a chat tab will now focus the next tab instead of the previous one unless closing the last tab.
* Fixed the auto looter trying to loot the depot and inbox boxes.
* The mana burn auto function will now keep retrying to cast Exevo Vita if the player is exhausted.
* Added options to open containers and trade in the extra right panel.
* Fixed some icons not displaying properly in the main menu activity window.
* Fixed the fishing skill not displaying in the skills menu.
* Added diamond arrows to ammo refiller.
* Text edits (such books, house list etc) will now automatically place the text cursor at the end when opened.
* Multiline text edits can now be navigated vertically with the up and down arrow keys.
* Clicking the currently selected chat tab will now scroll it to the bottom.
* Fixed the prey tracker not clearing the tier label when completing a prey task.
* Private messages will now be properly queued on the screen (similar to broadcast and advance messages).
* Fixed an issue where the Space key would randomly switch between chat on/off mode.
* Moved some interface options to a new HUD tab to avoid clutter.
* Fixed the bug reporting feature.


* Fixed an issue where PayPal did not deliver Cyntara Coins to accounts automatically.
* Added missing Dungeons from the Dungeon Highscores.
* Updated Server Information page


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Jun 14, 2009
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Patch for 6/30/2018:

This client update includes a brand new patcher which should allow us to switch to automatic updates from now on. Please redownload the client from the downloads page. Hopefully this is the last time this is required.

  • Added new prey tasks for Primordial Demons, Flying Books and Shadow Dragons.
  • Added new tasks for Outlaws, Seacrest Serpents, Abyss Necromancers, Flying Books and Shadow Dragons.
  • Orbs of Enchantment now have a 100% chance to add a slot to a piece of equipment. Everyone that has had Orbs of Enchantment break for them will be refunded 100 Cyntara Coins per broken orb the next time they login (physical coins delivered to your inbox). As a result, we are also increasing the price of Orbs of Enchantment in the store.
  • Fixed a few edge cases where the Artifact Infusion wouldn't work.
  • Fixed the Triumphant Symbol not working properly in some cases when dropped by monsters.
  • Fixed a couple of monsters using invisible missiles.
  • The Primordial Grounds East/West have been re-added to the teleport room; players that have completed the quest will still be able to enter.
  • Experience fish can no longer be used when the event points experience bonus is active.
  • Fixed an issue with the critical chance not triggering properly.
  • Monsters spawned inside of the Battle Tower will no longer yield experience points.
  • Fixed Nerdraging Mage boss spawn position.
  • Fixed an issue with the Thunder Storm artifact spell crashing the server under rare circumstances; the spell has been re-enabled.
  • Adjusted Thunder Storm spell cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue with Artifact Bow/Crossbow swapping keeping a single attack value when infused.
  • Dungeon changes:
    • PvP is now disabled inside of all dungeon instances.
    • Starting a boss encounter will now teleport all instance players to the boss area.
    • The Blight Ruins dungeon now rewards lower tier Artifact Power tokens.
  • Fixed the Transcend spell displaying double messages in some cases.
  • Claiming the Mighty Weapons daily reward will now unlock the transmog appearance of the items.
  • The spells Thunder Storm and Strafe can now be used when standing against a wall.
  • Lowered the required Mining skill level to mine certain ore types.
  • Adjusted Dread Essences requirement for the Cursed Ruins Quest.
  • The Challenge Room now has a 20 hour cooldown per tier.
  • Fixed an issue with the Last Creep Standing quest not resetting correctly sometimes.
  • Added action progress bar to some more game mechanics.
  • Normalized the level requirement of artifact spells.
  • The enchantment vessel can no longer be applied on equipped items which could result in the loss of enchantments it stored.
  • Lowered the cooldown of the Ultimate Divine Missile spell.
  • Adjusted the damage and lowered the cooldown of the Strong Bloodstrike spell.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Ron the Ripper to not spawn properly.
  • Fixed the enchantment vessel not transferring health and mana regeneration properly.
  • Fixed the enchantment vessel unintentionally consuming enchantments in some cases.
  • Lowered the attack of the Unstable Ice Arrow.
  • Increased maximum health percent buff on some knight armors.
  • Adjusted wyrms paths to be 3 SQM wide instead of 1 SQM wide.

  • Added options to display the damage, healing and experience gain of other players in the server log ("Options -> Console -> Show healing/damage/experience gain of other players in console").
  • Added an option to allow map click to path over fields ("Options -> Game -> Allow map click to path over fields").
  • Added an option to target only monsters via hotkey targeting ("Options -> Game -> Hotkey target monsters only") regardless of the presence of other creatures on the battle list.
  • The auto looter function will now only attempt to loot monster corpses instead of any arbitrary containers.
  • The "hide party members" battle list filter will now only hide the members of your own party.
  • Added Spellwand, Golden Sickle, Ice Rapier and Lethal Mace to the weapon auto refill.
  • Added "Set Ammo Type" and "Set Weapon Type" context menu option to all auto functions refill items. These options can be used to quickly change the ammo & weapon type without having to go through the auto functions window.
  • Added extra logging to graphics errors which should help us investigate them when they occur.
  • Scrollbars can now be additionally navigated with the CTRL and Shift key modifiers. The CTRL key will move the scrollbar either to a minimum or to a maximum value whereas the Shift key will either decrement or increment the value by 10.
  • The stamina bar will now change the color depending on the current stamina time.
  • Item stacks will now move if the Enter key was pressed and held down before moving the stack.
  • Party shield icons will now display in the battle list.
  • Fixed chat copy option not showing for words selected via double click.
  • Fixed mismatching minimap icons.
  • Added hours to the hunting analyzer session time.
  • Added in-game guide that provides information about features, spawns, quests, dungeons and professions.
  • Added a brand new patcher. Once this update is rolled out we should be able to go back to fully automatic patching.


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Jun 14, 2009
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We would greatly appreciate it if everyone took the time to complete our survey about the state and future of Cyntara. What you would like to see, what you like about it, what you dislike etc. This is massively important for us.

Click to start the survey.


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Jun 14, 2009
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Latest patch notes:

  • Knights:
    • Increased maximum health by 33%.
    • Increased damage dealt to monsters by 10%.
    • The spell Challenge ("Exeta Res") will now have its area of effect extended for knights that have finished the Forge of the Titan quest.
  • Paladins:
    • Decreased maximum mana by 20%.
    • The magic shield effect will now lose its effectiveness when used by paladins starting at level 500 and capping at level 1000 (roughly 50%). When magic shield loses its effectiveness, part of the mana damage will be transferred to health instead.The magic shield effect will now take extra damage when used by paladins. Starting at level 500 and capping at level 1000 paladins will take up to roughly extra 50% damage when protected by magic shield.
  • Lowered the Mining skill level requirement to mine Sunstone Ores.
  • Players will now only receive the kill trophy for killing players that are at least 2/3rds of their own level.
  • Fixed mining ores respawning without a tooltip.
  • Players that have received mail while offline will now get a mail notification on login.
  • Swapped the button order in the task boss window.
  • Fixed an issue with the alchemy table not working properly after a server restart.
  • Removed premium account restriction from house beds.
  • Increased the price of Unstable Ice Arrows and Diamond Arrows.
  • Decreased the effectiveness of Ultimate Health Potions, Supreme Health Potions, Great Spirit Potions and Ultimate Spirit Potions.
  • Adjusted the experience of Sight of Surrender.
  • Dungeon changes:
    • Defeating Zephyr the Curator in the Battlefields of Glory dungeon will now create a portal leading out of the cave.
    • Moved the checkpoint after defeating Zephyr the Curator closer to the castle area.
    • Reaching the mountain in the Battlefields of Glory dungeon will now create a portal in the temple that leads back to the mountain.
    • Fixed an issue with Swordmaster catapults not working properly when multiple teams were fighting the boss simultaneously in different instances.
    • Adjusted the damage of Swordmaster Grons.
    • Talisman runs will now yield regular loot.
    • Runes and potions will no longer be consumed inside of dungeons. Due to limitations and potential ways to abuse the system ammunition and weapons are still finite; paladins however should be able to easily stock the ammo now that they won't need as many mana runes/potions.
    • Dungeons can now be started in a party of 2, 3 or 4 players instead of only 4. The health pool and healing effects of monsters will be scaled according to the group size.
    • Added a shortcut system for Talisman runs. Players that complete a level 5 Talisman for a specific dungeon will unlock its respective shortcut for Talisman runs. The shortcuts can be found near the Dungeon Master NPC. Only the owner of the Talisman needs to have the shortcut unlocked to start a run.
  • Artifact changes:
    • The damage bonus from Artifact Level now only applies to damage dealt to monsters.
    • Added Artifact Knowledge catch up mechanic. Players that start their Artifact Knowledge research will automatically advance to 1/3rd of the highest Artifact Knowledge level whereas until the 2/3rds of the highest Artifact Knowledge level they will have their research time reduced to 5 hours per level.
  • Map fixes:
    • Added missing protection zone on the lava tiles in the Initiation Quest area.
    • Fixed broken stairs in the Djinns Spawn.
    • Fixed excessive ground tiles in the Yalahar Cemetery Quarter area.
    • Fixed an unreachable mining ore in the Forgotten Spells Quest area.

  • Fixed the icon offset in the player trade window.
  • Fixed a few instances of the Mana Burn auto function triggering when it should not.
  • Fixed an issue with the auto loot list not saving properly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the client to freeze up under some circumstances when changing floors.

Also make sure to check out our homepage for the survey results.
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Mar 16, 2010
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hey bro ... the chance of critical hit is very low '-' I have almost 100% and it crit something like less than 50% of the times...

Azur Mayne

Mar 9, 2010
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Boston, Massachusetts
hey bro ... the chance of critical hit is very low '-' I have almost 100% and it crit something like less than 50% of the times...
you don't actually have 100% crit, every 10 crit is 1%

if your entire set has 100 crit enchant on it it really only has 10% crit chance

also bump boys and gals



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Aug 9, 2008
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The Cyntara Development Team is proud to announce that Cyntara v11-s2 will be released February 9, 2019. This post will contain the majority of information regarding the recent changes.

War Arena

Cyntara v11-s2 will bring back the noobzone. For those unaware, the noobzone was a PvP Arena that allowed only players of level 600 to enter without items for an even PvP playing field.
In this iteration, we are bringing multiple quality of life improvements to the Arena system.

» Players above level 600 will now be able to enter the War Arena and have their level automatically scaled down to 600.
» Players can enter with any gear they'd like without having to take it off prior to entering the arena as the gear stats will be disabled.
» Players will have their magic level, skills, resists and weapon damage scaled to the same level regardless of their actual stats.
» Equipment bonuses and enchantments will be disabled in the War Arena.
» Stats such as life leech, mana leech and critical strikes will be disabled in the War Arena.
» Runes will be infinite and potions disabled.
» Players will automatically receive basic set of supplies when entering the arena so that they do not have to carry lower level variant of PvP supplies with them.
» The frag rewards have been revived and moved as part of the War Arena system. Do not be alarmed if you do not always get granted a frag as there is an algorithm in place to prevent abuse cases.

Item Quality

Players will now be able to improve the quality of their items. All items will drop with 0% base quality which can then be improved using Blacksmith's Chisels, up to 20% quality.
Blacksmith's Chisels can be obtained through various activities on Cyntara such as Dungeons, Tasks, Bosses and more.
The amount of Blacksmith's Chisels you will obtain while participating in those activities should be enough to improve the quality of you inventory as you go instead of hoarding them until you obtain your end game gear.
For each 1% of quality, shields will receive 1% of defense bonus, armors will receive 1% of armor bonus and weapons will receive 0.5% of attack bonus.
This may be a little tricky with distance weapons such as bows and crossbows so to help players figure out what's the effective bonus they are receiving from the quality, looking at an equipped bow/crossbow while also having ammunition in the ammo slot will now display the effective attack from ammunition and weapon bonus with the quality bonus applied on top of that.
Additionally once you reach quality milestones of 10% and 20% the items will turn into their superior and exceptional versions respectively. Superior versions of the items will receive a +1 bonus to inherent magic level and skill stats whereas for exceptional versions of the items the bonus is raised to a +2.
For example the Vengeance Sword has 295 Attack and +4 melee skill bonus, at 5% quality the same sword will have 302 Attack, at 10% quality 309 Attack and +5 melee skill bonus, and at 20% quality 324 Attack and +6 melee skill bonus.

Boosted Creatures

Every two hours, four sets of Boosted Creatures will be automatically selected at random. The Boosted Creatures are sorted by tiers: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Nightmare; the Boosted Creatures tiers are grouped identically to the Prey Tasks. Moreover, for spawns with multiple creature types, all creatures in this spawn group will be boosted.
Slaying boosted creatures will yield additional experience points and loot.

Daily Content Bonus

Every day at 10:00 EST, a new Daily Content Bonus will be applied to the game world. The Daily Content Bonus is active for 24 hours, and cycles through in the following order:

» Dungeons: Increased experience, artifact power, and loot drop from dungeons.
» Events: Increased rewards for participating in automated events.
» Tasks: Increased experience and task points from tasks.
» Prey Tasks: Increased perk bonuses and rewards from prey tasks.
» Loot: Increased loot drop from monsters.
» Professions: Increased chances and gains from mining and alchemy professions.

Paladin Range Scaling

Paladins often would fill the role of a knight without any real drawbacks, to combat this issue we are introducing range based damage scaling for ranged weapons.
Players will now receive a 30% damage penalty when using ranged weapons in melee range, for 2-4 SQM range the damage is considered neutral and will work exactly the same way as before and for any range above 4 SQM, players will now receive a 5% damage bonus per extra SQM.
Additionally using ranged weapons will now display a range indicator on the target creature which will change the color depending on the current modifier, red indicator for damage penalty in melee range, grey indicator for neutral damage and a green indicator for damage bonus.

Outfit Effects

We are also adding a new store exclusive cosmetic offer that lets players use simple visual effects in place of solid colors on their outfits.
These effects can be mixed and applied separately on each body part. Currently there are five outfit effects available - rainbow, space, neons, infernal and glacial. Click here to see all of the outfit effects!
We will look into improving the current effects and adding new ones in the future. The outfit effects can be previewed in both the Cyntara Store and the outfit window.
Please keep in mind that some of the visuals may slightly differ in the preview window than they actually look like due to canvas size differences.

Reward Chest Changes

Over 80 bosses have had their loot removed from their corpse and instead will be sent to player's Reward Chests. This means that a lot of common items from bosses will now be sent to each individual player as opposed to only being dropped once; effectively, this increases these 80 bosses drop rates. Further, the Reward Chest will now also deliver rewards to players inside of backpacks. The following have been added to the loot lists of a lot of bosses that now utilize the Reward Chest:

» Artifact Power Tokens
» Alchemy Recipes
» Enchantment Crystals
» Orbs of Enchantment
» Weapon Upgrader Crystals
» Cyntara Coins
» A few more common items

Quest Changes

» As the server's season progresses, the strength of quest monsters and bosses will slowly and automatically decline. Effectively, the longer into the season, the easier the quests will become.
» Adjusted the requirements for the "Abyssal Trinity" quest to be more ubiquitous.
» Decreased the "An Alternate Fate" quest's final mission player requirement from 6 to 3.
» Decreased the level requirement for a number of the high level quests; the quest reward use requirements have also been adjusted to match the new lowered quest entry level requirement.
» Decreased the wait time to be sent out of Lensine and Arkilius' boss room to 5 seconds now that the boss loot is sent to the player's Reward Chest.
» Greatly decreased the required Vampire Lord Tokens in "The Dark Knight of Vanda" quest; Vlad the Impaler's Vampiric Crest now drops as a common item that can be looted to multiple players through the Reward Chest.
» Fixed an issue where Ashri was able to send players into spawns that they did not have the required level to enter.
» Added a Daily Reward to the following quests:

» Mine Cart Carnage
» Helmet of the Ancients / Full Helmet of the Ancients
» Cyntara Zone
» The Dojo
» The Demon Oak
» The Astral Plane
» The Pits of Inferno
» The Inquisition
» The Cursed Ruins
» The Annihilator

Artifact Changes

Players have been vocal about obtaining Artifact Power outside of dungeons, while in theory the numbers seemed fine, in practice you could complete dungeons at a much higher rate than other types of content that reward Artifact Power.
We still want the dungeons to be the primary source of Artifact Power however we have increased the AP gains from other sources; most of them have been effectively more than doubled which should make it easier for people to level their Artifact without actively participating in dungeons.

Additionally paladins have now received a shield variant of their artifact weapon.
Combined with the range damage scaling this should provide paladins with an option to alternate between offense and defense without excelling at both simultaneously.

Minor Changes

» The overall experience rates have been lowered per player request.
» The Find Person spell will now display the spawn location name of the target player; if you are in the same spawn as the target player the spell will revert to its original message.
» Spell level requirements of a number of high level spells has been lowered due to the lowered experience rate.
» Teleport Room spawns that have a level 1 requirement no longer display a level requirement at all.
» The daily dungeon limit now applies on a per dungeon basis instead of a global limit; this also results in an increased daily dungeon limit.
» The Discord bot, Penny, has been revived.
» Added "bad luck protection" to Weapon Upgrader Crystals; the crystals will now have a higher chance at success after each use for each upgrade step until an upgrade has succeeded. Players will be able to see this rate upon trying to upgrade their weapon.
» Added infinite ammo to the quick switch context menu.
» Added Reward Chest notification next to the mail notification in the client.
» Added Discord Rich Presence support to the client.
» Added gifting option to the in-game store.
» Added a new secret quest.
» Added the "Boss Duels" event to the automatic daily event rotation at 10:00 and 20:00 EST.
» Added a new high level spawn, "The Arid Plateau".
» Added a new raid to Edron, Thais, and Yalahar.
» Added the "Adventurer's Stone" item. This item can be used in areas such as Demona to send players back to the temple.
» Added the following options to the Cyntara Store: Prey Rerolls, Boss Discovery Scroll, House Teleport Scroll, Boosted Creatures Reroll, Boosted Creatures Extend Time.
» Added all of the newest addons and mounts to the game.
» Added a 0.1% hp/mana bonus for each full outfit collected.
» Added new "Item Indicators" to Charms, Enchanting Items, Alchemy Items, and Artifact Items when they are in player's inventory.
» Added an experience bonus that increases based on the number of your guild members that are online.
» Added a 4 second exhaust to re-equip an amulet with charges after it has expired.
» Added a way for players to tour castles.
» Added a helpful "hints" box to the login screen.
» Added a client feature where holding down the Shift key will now allow players to repeat "Use With" actions without having to click the same item again.
» Added all missing outfit addons to the Addon Master NPC.
» Decreased the difficulty of obtaining all addons from the Addon Master NPC.
» Decreased the difficulty of the Mine Cart Carnage dwarves.
» Decreased the difficulty of Arkilius.
» Decreased the Mind Flayer kills required for all Mind Flayer Levers.
» Decreased the price of all items offered by Gnomission.
» Decreased the health and speed of all Treasure Hoarders.
» Increased the probability of encountering Treasure Hoarders.
» Increased the drop rate of the extraordinary ice pick from all types of miner.
» Increased the rewards from all automatic events.
» Increased the health gain per level for Paladins from 15 to 18 and for Knights from 20 to 23.
» Increased the number of Shrines that spawn at any given time.
» Increased the damage and consistency of Sudden Death Runes.
» Increased the damage and consistency of Double Overtime Runes.
» Triple Overtime Runes will now deal the same damage as Double Overtime Runes when the target is a player.
» Updated the game guides on the website and in the game client.
» Improved the behavior and consistency of the teleport room and town teleports.
» Improved the Play Points Store offers.
» Optimized the client in a number of areas to improve performance.
» Adjusted the values of Sharpshooter and Blood Rage spells as well as their ultimate versions.
» Adjusted all seasonal catch-up bonuses to start automatically after a certain date.
» Adjusted raids to have less predictible timing.
» Adjusted the Mining Profession skill rate.
» Adjusted the experience bonus rewarded for each task.
» Adjusted the notification dismiss behavior in the client.
» Adjusted the client to display the effective critical strike chance value in item descriptions and skills panel.
» Adjusted the outfit window behavior with regards to selected addons for current outfit.
» Adjusted Bookmworm Dolls to grant +3 magic levels instead of +5.
» Adjusted the skill catch-up mechanic to now update the values periodically rather than only on server startup.
» Fixed an issue with some achievements not being awarded properly.
» Fixed an issue that caused the experience bonus prey perk not apply the experience stage multiplier properly.
» Fixed an issue where Dhrata could petrify dead players.
» Fixed an issue that could cause players to be unable to login under certain circumstances.
» Fixed a few instances where players could use teleport scrolls inappropriately.
» Fixed an issue where the Dungeon Master NPC was giving players outdated information.
» Fixed a number of teleports not sending items in the event that items were thrown on them.
» Fixed an issue where the "Abyssal Trinity" bosses did not appear in the Cyntara Guide.
» Fixed an issue that caused the client to disconnect when using the ammo and weapon refill functionality.
» Fixed a lot of outdated information on the Miscellaneous page of the website.
» Fixed an issue that wouldn't let players use magic walls immediately after pushing another player.
» Fixed an issue with the item stack count window not working properly under some circumstances.
» Fixed an issue that caused the NPC speech color to reset on client restart. Players that have it saved as dark blue may use the Reset button to use the proper color.
» Fixed an issue that caused the client to fail to launch on the most recent Windows 10 update.

Patch History

For those of you that haven't been around for too long in the last season, here is a list of past patches to get you up on speed with what changes have been made to Cyntara throughout the season.

» 20th June 2018 - Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 20th June (https://cyntara.org/forum/thread/315/1)
» 30th June 2018 - Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 30th June (https://cyntara.org/forum/thread/327/1)
» 9th July 2018 - Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 8th Jul (https://cyntara.org/forum/thread/337/1)
» 12th July 2018 - Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 12th Jul (https://cyntara.org/forum/thread/343/1)
» 19th July 2018 - Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 19th Jul (https://cyntara.org/forum/thread/349/1)
» 27th July 2018 - Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 27th Jul (https://cyntara.org/forum/thread/367/1)
» 24th October 2018 - Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 24th Oct (https://cyntara.org/forum/thread/377/1)

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Well.... DAMN. Nuff said.
Didn't see this coming!
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good server has kinda high p2w factor with all upg items last season but thats fine since owner is honest and makes good updates everytime
i will play it will be fun even for free players, keep it up mans

outfit effects are amazing i think all servers will copy this xD nice works
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Jun 5, 2013
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enter ur char names in thread for a chance to win items on launch
cant wait for launch today


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Apr 3, 2011
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South Korea
Cyntara will launch in 2 hours. I'd recommend giving it a try, from a technical point of view it's most likely very far ahead of anything you've seen before.
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Aug 9, 2008
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kinda high p2w factor with all upg items last season
Players left us a lot of feedback regarding this issue; we've done a few things to reduce the p2w factor, here are a few:
  • Over 80 bosses now distribute loot to each player instead of once - more loot for each individual player
  • Boss loot across the board now almost always contains upgrader items (enchantment crystals, weapon upgrader crystals). This goes hand-in-hand with the previous bullet point.
  • Weapon upgrader crystals now have a higher chance of success after each use (displayed to your character on use).
  • We removed the RNG completely from Orbs of Enchantment last season (they no longer have a chance to break).

All feedback is appreciated.

Launching in less than an hour!

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