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Mapper Viserion - Additional Mappers/Spriters


Sep 3, 2019
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Launceston, Australia
Currently looking for someone to map some things on the side for my server, below are some examples of my mapping and want someone who can recreate or map in the same style. I'll reward the person with steam games/items, since I have a decent sized steam wallet.

Here are some examples of my work; realistically you'd be creating the foundation work, building ideas and then I'd come in and touch it up or revamp it unless I think it's perfect. The server will be around 10x rate and will be teleport based, however we're looking to keep it as true to tibia as possible and just build upon existing features from other games such as dungeons, raids & minigames. We have a few minigames like bomberman, tower defense and a lot of casino games such as slots, checkers vs AI.





I'm also after a few sprites that will need to be made for one of our classes, if you're a spriter as well feel free to send me some of your work and we can discuss payment (via steam still) for your work if it meets the style/expectations I'm after.

Thank you. :)
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