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what are the main spawns for level 1-300 in Tibia


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Dec 15, 2015
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Hi all,

I'm creating a custom server (currently on 10.98 version because of TFS, but planning to update it to 12x later on) that will use the old yurots map (you know it, I'm sure) with a very low exp/skill rates.
The point is, tibia changed a lot since 7.6~ and now it's more focused in team hunts and bigger spawns with a lot of creature, to kill using area runes/spells, etc. It definitely was not the case in yurOTs map, as all spawns have low amount of creatures.

I'm not a good mapper, so I thought about adding some spawns from real tibia there. The idea is to NOT have teleports, but all hunts should be close to the city (even if I need to create more cities/boats).

for lower-levels, I'm bringing Wasp tower from darashia spawn, and Mistrock cyclops.
I'm also bringing Hero Cave (Hero Fortress) to the server, so a x4 team on level ~40+ can hunt and grab some levels.

What spawns do you think it would be nice to have in this kind of server? initially focusing on level 8~300.
I think I'll bring some ancient scarab spawns, wyrm mountain from liberty bay... and I would like you to opine about which spawns should I bring.

Thank you