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what has changed to C++? back to programming


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Oct 27, 2009
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kay said:
you're potining has nothing to do with what I said
It has, maybe you just missed it.

Nowhere I was stopping anyone from moving forward nor advising to stick to any older standard. What I said was that he did not need (and I'd suggest to finally differ "don't need" from "must not", "should not"...) to know all of that before starting. Programming itself is already a constant process of learning and it cerainly isn't true that you won't get to use anything new.
I'm glad you know the lexical differences atleast, but in the real world, you have to look out for context.
If a user creates a thread and asks what does he have to do to follow up, this is obvious he doesn't "have" to do anything, he just voluntarily created the thread and asked on an OTLand.

I understand that you tried to be welcoming and you didn't want to discourage the OP, but he already signalized it to you that he wanted to leave his comfort zone, thus your answer, if not redundant at best case, is just misleading, here is the quote
kay said:
you can do as you did before and discover new possibilities during the process.
No, he shouldn't do as he did 10 years ago, I already mentioned why in previous posts and the aforementioned bullet points.

Here is the quote where you praise outdated, legacy systems, just because they support 1k (lol) users - using false claims as examples against using different.
kay said:
The biggest irony is that the "piece of garbage", which you keep raging over in every thread, written 15 years ago in the obsolete C++98, actually was a fine and very stable game engine. Optimized so that it could run under AD 2005 machines with over 1000 active players, and so it can today. Meanwhile your fancy modern servers with the newest pre-released C++ standard, packed with cool code-features and 200 nice-looking classes - still struggle trying to provide anywhere near that stability, and mostly crash on daily basis, not to mention other issues.
You actively try to convince the OP that he SHOULDNT use newer standards because newer is less stable, which in most cases, is the opposite - please stop it, no one said anything about cutting edge - this is Reductio ad absurdum.

It's obvious that you either biased or not well versed in the matter by this point, why continue the dispute? Why not learn from it?
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