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[Znote AAC] TibiaCOM Layout by Alex45


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Sep 16, 2021
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Hi everyone,

Today I am pleased to announce that I have come to share the TibiaCOM Layout that I have created in ZnoteAAC version.

If you want to edit anything, you will find the headers (there are several) in layout/overall/


Download: Attachement On this Thread ( Contains last version of ZnoteAAC )

Download with latest updates from GitHub: Here

Engine: ZnoteAAC
Layout: From ZnoteAAC, Improved by Alex45


WhatsApp: To edit the WhatsApp you must enter layout / overall / footer and look for the WhatsApp API, be careful, just replace the WhatsApp Api, the characters that are right after must be left !.

How to put the WhatsApp Api?
So simply here I leave the URL of the WhatsApp api, for which you will change the phone number indicated by yours, starting with the indicative:

The message will then be sent: "hello i need help".
If you want to change it so simply you will have to write from the same (=) the words, and each space is represented with "%20" percentage20, ending with the word "help." with an end point.

How to put the facebook and discord?
These will be a little longer, but they are worth it, you must enter layout/overall/ and in each file called "header" you must enter and edit the link Facebook and discord, in each of them.

  • My Account ( buttons reworked with martel font )
  • God Access Remains on My Account
  • Ticket Support Added
  • Translator added
  • Premium Features Added
  • Server Rules Added
  • Raids Added
  • Experience History ( powergamers, do not forget to upload SQL )
  • Interactive Map, like Official Tibia Website
  • Discord Button
  • Facebook Button
  • Whatsapp Api
  • Featured Article as HTML Version
  • Forum remains same ( You could change it, for example for your own forum , like MyForo, Foroactivo, Xenforo or other, just save <include header.php & footer.php on forum.php, then delete all and add an <iframe src="your_link_forum" style="width:1000px;height:1000px"> for example.) You can do this for every website who accepts iframe src.


Interactive Map:


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Images are not loading

What type of picture is not loading ?
Items ?
Look for 'shop'
'imageServer' => 'item-images.ots.me/1285/'
Outfits ?
Look for ShowOutfits
'imageServer' => 'https://outfit-images.ots.me/1285_walk_animation/animoutfit.php'

You can use outfit images url posted by @Gesior.pl here:

A picture from website ? You need to know which one then check maybe if you give the rights to the folders.
string(122) "SELECT ip, created, points, cooldown, flag, active_email FROM znote_accounts WHERE account_id = 1 LIMIT 1;"
(query - SQL error)
Type: select_single (select single row from database)

Table 'dystopia.znote_accounts' doesn't exist

is there a file somewhere that I can manage these settings to TFS tables or do I need to create these manually? in znote_schema.sql it says that it will create them if they dont exist, but nothing happens.
is there a file somewhere that I can manage these settings to TFS tables or do I need to create these manually? in znote_schema.sql it says that it will create them if they dont exist, but nothing happens.
Did you first import SQL from server then SQL from znote _acc ? Located on engine/database/znote_schema.sql ?
Since long time ago i think db has not changed there it says znote_acc doesnt exist, Try again to create a New dB. If it not works and you are using uniserverz, use xamp instead or Vice versa.
This first photo is at the home page. i have to scroll right to see the highscores.


This second photo is the accounts page. It's a little better but still not quite lined up. also missing photos.


anybody have any suggestions on how to fix? any help would be much appreciated <3
It doesn't work, I put the same link I use in my Highscores, but there the outfits appear normally, but here in rightside.php it doesn't work, can you tell me where the error is?
            if ($players) {
            $count = 1;
            foreach($players as $player) {
            echo '<img style="margin-top: -35px; margin-left: -35px;" src="https://outfit-images.ots.me/1285_walk_animation/animoutfit.php'.$player['looktype'].'&addons='.$player['lookaddons'].'&head='.$player['lookhead'].'&body='.$player['lookbody'].'&legs='.$player['looklegs'].'&feet='.$player['lookfeet'].'&g=0&h=3&i=1"></img> <a href="characterprofile.php?name='.$player['name'].'" style="color:orange">'.$player['name'].'&ensp;</a><strong>'. $player['level'].'</strong><br>';


Go to layout/rightside.php
Find the link url of the animated outfits change it for one global link or genérate it on ots.me
hello i ve got the trouble because my webpage looks like this now
i'm using ZnoteAAC-1.6