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    Mapper Mapper for hire

    Feel free to add me on Discord - I'm easy to catch there.
  2. BahamutxD

    The Forgotten Server Icon Competition - Voting thread - V3

    I'm between 1 and 3... but any is fine. Good luck
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    Lua Use item and get full outfit

    Inside /data/actions
  4. BahamutxD

    Lua Use item and get full outfit

    In actions.xml <action itemid="40869" script="XXX/raccoon.lua"/> The script - make sure to put same path as in actions.xml - Replace XXXXX with valid storage. function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) if(getPlayerStorageValue(cid,XXXXX) < 1) then...
  5. BahamutxD

    Windows [RME] What does it mean ?

    Press K Its showing wall hooks (items you can place on walls/hangables)
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    Do you still prefer 8.60 instead of 10.98? or 12x or what ever

    Latests for the visuals/QoL... (sprites, monsters, analyzers...) Older versions for systems and overall gameplay.
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    Remere's Map Editor 3.6.1

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    Mapper Mapper for hire

    Free to take more works!
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    The state of this community

    A bit catastrophic there. Theres a bunch of awesome users out there.. just that some may move in the shadows and just show when needed. I've never met so many users like I did during the last years here and none turned down when asked for help just like I did when they needed it from me. Its...
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    How to change light modes on all floors from 7 and up

    I pointed out where the code is, not the actual solution to your request. You should be able to work from there. in game.cpp void Game::checkLight() add lightLevel = GAME_SUNSET https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/8cc1f3d51c6f4c90ce66b6d3122ce4388d709fe8/src/game.h#L570
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    How to change light modes on all floors from 7 and up

    https://otland.net/threads/tibia-day-night-how-change-it.270572/#post-2608333 Theres also a setting for it in config.lua https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/commit/f543f7b61f80219f4207bb99f57a373bb3ed823d#diff-28ccc34104faf109b7b97582612d93779d30d1e8e57318db13ffd88d651b8c39
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    Need tutorial how to setup OTCV8 for mobile

    It may be possible to sign from Windows - I have no idea sorry, Google might help. The process through Android is pretty simple and fast - the only annoyance is moving the apk from PC to device and viceversa.
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    Need tutorial how to setup OTCV8 for mobile

    Google app store yes, can't give you a name now but theres quite a few there. You should sign from within the phone.
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    Help with the server activator...

    You purchsed a 7.4 server and got a client. You got scammed or we are missing things here. You are not only missing a "server.exe" but you seem to lack the whole server part. Ask whoever you bought this from.
  15. BahamutxD

    Need tutorial how to setup OTCV8 for mobile

    You need to sign the apk to be able to install it. There are a lot of apps in the store for that.