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  1. BahamutxD

    Mapper Mapper for hire

    I am still taking requests - don't mind asking if you need some maps.
  2. BahamutxD

    The Forgotten Server Icon Competition - Voting thread - V3

    At this point it feels so disgusting I'd rather keep the default/no icon.
  3. BahamutxD

    Suggestion Remove the option to hide profile

    While we are at it why is Ability to change your username once per 60 days ( Regarding OtLand Premium - Information & Questions (https://otland.net/threads/regarding-otland-premium-information-questions.79931/)) even a thing? It just makes things so much harder to keep track of users that are...
  4. BahamutxD

    Tibia memes

    Thats a cute little Ash lol
  5. BahamutxD

    [list] CIPSoft lazy solutions

    Didnt they used to load the map in chunks?
  6. BahamutxD

    Mapper Searching Mapper to do a small job

    Hit me up if you still interested
  7. BahamutxD

    Tibia dieing?

    I bet Tibia will survive WoW dying first. No jokes.
  8. BahamutxD

    C++ RME or other map editor

    Use https://otland.net/threads/rme-3-x-rme-modification-3.235972/ And ignore any brush loading error (or just try to fix them yourself) - most of this extensions can't support all of the client versions at once so errors usually mean that sprite is not present in that version.
  9. BahamutxD

    C++ RME or other map editor

  10. BahamutxD

    [list] CIPSoft lazy solutions

    You just make water transparent and map below it. For ground floor (7) to underground (8) theres a hardcoded visual black barrier - we don't know if that screenshot has that barrier removed or just mapper over/below floor 7.
  11. BahamutxD

    TFS 1.3 - Buggy Doors

    If we are to maintain compatibility with old maps or even the RL/TFS map - this won't help as every instance of closed door turned to locked after PR#3000 and vice versa. This change will just help new placed doors.
  12. BahamutxD

    TFS 1.3 - Buggy Doors

    Nvm - actually I think I understand what you mean now. RME defaults to the first normal door when using the door paint which is the closed one. Now with this TFS change the first door is the locked one. https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/pull/3300/files Thats a change made there - it...
  13. BahamutxD

    TFS 1.3 - Buggy Doors

    Use 6253 instead if you want the door to be unlocked. Most (all?) normal doors have a locked version - you can check that by going to tfs/data/global.lua - not sure if you both or me are missing something here but this is how it is supposed to be. The only real issue is that items.xml will pass...
  14. BahamutxD

    OpenTibia [RME 3.x] RME Modification 3

    Hold Left Alt - that will force placing on top - works for many other things.
  15. BahamutxD

    C++ Updated RME ground.xml, borders.xml, ect.