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    MyAAC v0.8.6

    this was already fixed in the last commit of master branch
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    Solved TFS 1.3 pick not working to open holes

    Hello people, I cant make the pick work on my server, shovel and rope is working but pick does not... in my action.xml I have this: <action itemid="2553" script="tools/pick.lua" /> in my pick.lua I have this: function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey)...
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    Solved TFS 1.3 Default Annihilator Quest not working

    Hello people, I kind start again on this magnificent word of OT, so don't be so harsh on me please.. I just installed TFS 1.3 from the repo and I was doing some testing.. I could see there was some quest on the map for example annihilator. So I was trying to look for the script in the data...
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    MyAAC v0.8.6

    Hello @slaw, it's me again hehe.. I was testing with TFS 1.3 and in the character page, in the signature section there is some kind of error I think? this is my output of the signature: As you can see there is no image, and when I go to the Direct link I get this php error: as the error...
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    MyAAC v0.8.6

    Just tested it and looking good :)
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    MyAAC v0.8.6

    Great! thanks you so much!! :D so fast
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    Config starting equipment for new players

    Thanks you!
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    Config starting equipment for new players

    Hello people I am using the latest TFS 1.3 with ZNOTE AAC, I could not find where I can edit the starting equipment for different vocations... Does it has to be in ZNOTE ACC or in my data folder of my otserver? Thanks for your support! Betoxz
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    Real Tibia Map 10.98 for TFS 1.3

    Hello, thanks for your data pack Whenever I try to login I get this error: And I am unable to log in, I am using forgottenserver 1.3. Clean downport from Nekiro, I notice there was a change in the attribute premium_ends_at account column in the new TFS 1.3 so maybe that's the problem.. Do...
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    MyAAC v0.8.6

    Hello, thanks for your ACC. I was installing it and in the final step I get this error: I am using Forgottenserver 1.3. Clean downport from Nekiro, on a windows 10 64-bit using XAMPP 7.4 Thanks
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    [Netherland] Elexia RPG | Custom map | No need to donate

    your server sucks
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    TIBIA COINS not more transferable into game?

    thanks so much @Damon and @Cornex . they are so cheap O.o 5 USD for 1kk :) such a nice price
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    TIBIA COINS not more transferable into game?

    Hello people from otland, so before i bought tibia money 2.5KK with 250 tibia coins, but now that it's not possible anymore to transfer tibia coins into the game, which web site do you recommend me to buy cheap gold? any suggestion will be highly appreciated.
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    Znote Importing schema to a TFS database in phpmyadmin

    This worked just fine! thanks so much! and sorry for the late answer xd