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Solved TFS 1.3 Default Annihilator Quest not working


Dec 16, 2007
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Mexico, Monterrey
Hello people, I kind start again on this magnificent word of OT, so don't be so harsh on me please..

I just installed TFS 1.3 from the repo and I was doing some testing.. I could see there was some quest on the map for example annihilator. So I was trying to look for the script in the data folder ->data->actions->scripts->quest

I found annihilator.lua and quests.lua

so I looked into the code and everything seems to look fine, so when I try to pull the lever nothing happens, do I need to modify the actions id of the lever?

where can I find the action id of the annihilator quest? I was looking inside annihilator.lua and quests.lua but could not find anything similar to an action id so I can then set it on the lever..

any recommendation or suggestion would be heavily appreciated.



I found the solution!
in data->actions->actions.xml there I found the unique id of the quest so I was able to set it on the annihilator lever to make it work :)


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