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    [France] [8.0 / Custom] Realera - New world Warfare [17.09, Friday 18:00] Tournaments, great WARS!

    Friendly reminder to anyone going to tryhard on this trash with tons of bugs like casting exori vis on wrong direction after turning and such, bugs that persist from beta edition and will never be removed GM Punio will abuse his position, he will clone some cash and supplies for his teammate...
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    [France] [7.4 / Custom] Realesta - Ecstasy! [New hight-rate world starting 1th of July, Thursday 18:00 CEST]

    im sure GM tomek is working eagerly on next perlica that lasts 5 days. Last edition we maybe not have alot stuff added, but perma rh from dl and more commands to Punio's GM character required alot of work from him. I hope he breaks the record this time and the server will stay for 4 days.
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    [Germany] [7.6] Ramonia Custom RPG | 8.08 August 15:00 CEST

    And everyone knows that since Azuu left (guy responsible for good updates but who also steal @4Nathu4 's client features and brought it to Ramonia), GM Romek is cooperating with Ruth and this is why Punio is advertising him so hard. Dont get baited, dont play on corrupted servers.
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    Medivia and their updates

    10 years of stable game experience gives them credibility and it perfectly fine to trust them - because why wouldn't we? The fact that you don't present any facts just speaks for itself. You were able to take for granted new hoster words (whos only achievement is the same thing that Iryont did...
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    Medivia and their updates

    but he is not playing tibiantis, he said medivia ps: cant wait till cipsoft copystrikes your fav server as they did with medivia oh wait, its not popular enough 🤣
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    Shadow-illusion fake characters

    Just dont get baited, there are like 5 real players online
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    unitedots.pl SPOOF

    And you didn't understood them, as we can see. The server can display anything he wants on their website, its all about the status protocol., and xinn is not even visiting this forum anymore. Please sober up before writing, because in your current state it seems that you have troubles counting...
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    unitedots.pl SPOOF

    How about you read the rules? Prime example why you shouldn't do drugs
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    just to let you know that I gave it a shot because I saw a saltie bashing this server incoherently ;)
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    Never Use OTSLIST.EU countdown

    Yes, there is a group of people that visits this site and this is what im trying to say all that time. Im sure he will reach more people with it and its not even matter of discussion since im here to prove it - i have many friends that doesnt even know about OTland existence yet they check...
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    [France] [Custom] AsgardOnline-VX HighRates [Starts 9/7 18:00 +2GMT]

    Dunno if ill make it on the start but ill be there to check out your dungeons. Can i create an account for a friend and still receive points on it if we play from two different ips? im only going to create it from the same one
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    Never Use OTSLIST.EU countdown

    Your post told him not to use one of the advertisement methods not suggesting anything else instead and thats what im talking about dont try to turn this around, did i attacked your person or your words?
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    Never Use OTSLIST.EU countdown

    @Adposatnr ye so be helpful and tell him instead of mocking him if you know better advertisment methods. Im sure he didnt wanted to waste any money and he had best intentions. Maybe he tried to contact streamers but nothing worked out? If you had experience in maketing you would know thats a...
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    Never Use OTSLIST.EU countdown

    My question was rather rhetorical. There are more variables to the equation than "if the server has countdown", you are oversimplifying - and this is why i assume you have no experience. I am only going to server gala if i have something to say about a server that i already know, otherwise...
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    Never Use OTSLIST.EU countdown

    dude there is a section of newest posts on the right and thats how i found this thread. stop trying to be smart its clearly not working out for you