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  1. Chriistian.L.B

    Looking for what kind of VPS to buy

    I fully agree.
  2. Chriistian.L.B

    Looking for what kind of VPS to buy

    If it's realmap 10.98 +, 1gb of ram doesn't even open the map, at least 4gb!
  3. Chriistian.L.B

    AAC [MyAAC] [TFS 1.2] Character Auctions

    link dont work
  4. Chriistian.L.B

    Proof of concept of a new game engine

    just see libertabra war, cipsoft client and server crashes/lag/freeze every time with massive players.
  5. Chriistian.L.B

    [7.6] Pits Of Inferno for Nostalrius

    Yes, its a quick job.
  6. Chriistian.L.B

    TFS 1.X+ How can Retro Hardcore PvP be set up?

    The death penalty has been increased from 10% to 16% on Retro-Hardcore worlds
  7. Chriistian.L.B

    [TFS 1.x] List of missing TFS features from Cipbia

    Changes in the skill ranking ingame are now only updated every minute to reduce message spam. [12.70.10995] How it works ? I did not understand
  8. Chriistian.L.B

    OpenTibia OT Monster Converter

    i have convert to xml here.
  9. Chriistian.L.B

    OpenTibia OT Monster Converter

    great work, I already use it for a long time.
  10. Chriistian.L.B

    About the leaked cip map

    You can find on maps section here: https://otland.net/forums/maps.50/ And here: https://otland.net/threads/10-98-cipsoft-original-map-converted-from-7-7.252065/
  11. Chriistian.L.B

    MyAAC v0.8.6

    Some of my pages stopped work after this commit, report is page is not found, but just my shop page you know how i can fix it ?
  12. Chriistian.L.B

    [OTC - 7.7] Retricaria

    Follow the OTClient Official Rep guide: edubart/otclient (https://github.com/edubart/otclient/wiki/Compiling-on-Windows) Here the executable, but without dll's.
  13. Chriistian.L.B

    [OTC - 7.7] Retricaria

    Retricaria 7.7 Retricaria is a 7.7 clone project that has been in development for a long time, it is based on TheForgottenServer 1.2 fork. We used the free nostalrius as base to make this great project for the community. You can find here the most complete 7.72 Tibia replica that has ever been...
  14. Chriistian.L.B

    Someone knows about Aurelion?

    https://prnt.sc/1680e51 last message from then on disc