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Recent content by Chriistian.L.B

  1. Chriistian.L.B

    Vingeance's Show Off

    This edge does not appear to be on the roof, but rather an extension of the first floor I dont liked this snow on the entrace Snow border bug and this roof is not walkable Anyway i loved the maps, keep working ♥
  2. Chriistian.L.B

    Tibia Logo Tournament

    Gui GOD ! :D
  3. Chriistian.L.B

    Naruto-based sprites

    @Vingart do you have this sprites fully completed for donate to the community ? you are a god i loved it
  4. Chriistian.L.B

    OTClient Black/Dark Theme Layout for free!!!

    @Jpstafe use otcv8, then already have cipsoft has default layout !
  5. Chriistian.L.B

    [TFS 1.X] Rarity Rolls & Custom Attributes Library

    this attributes/feature works with imbuiment itens ?
  6. Chriistian.L.B

    Mapper Mapper Needed – Valor Online

    Meee ! ;D
  7. Chriistian.L.B

    Boss Room

    share full script ? @VictorOtInfinit
  8. Chriistian.L.B

    [RevScripts][1.3] Anomaly - Other world boss

    Thanks for share, will test, do you have more scripts like this ?
  9. Chriistian.L.B

    Lua Lever Boss Helppp

    someone solved this problem ? i need help too !
  10. Chriistian.L.B

    OTClientV8.6 - Dedicated for Tibia 8.60 - with BOT!

    great work, thanks for share, you are god !
  11. Chriistian.L.B

    The Earth Map

    Just pick a earth picture and use shape tracker: OpenTibia - BitmapToMap v2.0 (https://otland.net/threads/bitmaptomap-v2-0.91532/) If you search on forum you can see more options of tracker.
  12. Chriistian.L.B

    Tibia 11+ Packet Sniffer (RL & OT)

    Great Job guia, thanks for share.
  13. Chriistian.L.B

    Christianlb Sprites

    This is my first Sprite, someone can send me some tutorials ?
  14. Chriistian.L.B

    Team Huxera 7.7 (Nostalrius)

    What do you want ? A quest, city, hunt, some remake?