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    [10.98][TFS 1.2] Pokemon PokeDash Pota v1.0

    Is TFS 1.2 similar to nostarius?
  2. chucky91

    CMake Nostalrius Ubuntu 20.04.

    in Folder src CMakeLists.txt set(tfs_SRC ${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/otpch.cpp ${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/actions.cpp ${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/ban.cpp ${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/baseevents.cpp ${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/bed.cpp ${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/behaviourdatabase.cpp...
  3. chucky91

    [8.0] [TFS 1.2] - Server Global Full [Real Map]

    depot town city map
  4. chucky91

    Poll: Why you choose Znote AAC over MyAAC?

    In my opinion i use myaac, less bug and better to configure
  5. chucky91

    Prototype game i made

    don't be afraid, go ahead ;)
  6. chucky91

    OTC without BOT.

    d u can remove the bot from src. search how about bot module on src.
  7. chucky91

    Prototype game i made

    not have to br?
  8. chucky91

    Nostalrius 7.7

    How do i get the npc to charge me 3 items in the quality of each one? example: Npc: I will give you 1 steel helmet if you bring me 10 meats, 5 hams and 2 bottles of milk. Oh, sorry, reversing my doubt here, i found out. Topic=2,"yes", Count(1231)>=10, Count(1232)>=7, Count(1233)>=2 -> "Here. I...
  9. chucky91

    Mobile does not show online players

    Does anyone know about this issue OTClient mobile don't count players online on otserv? Im using TFS 1.2 with Myacc and it doesn't show up on the website and Otservlist.
  10. chucky91

    AAC gesior-shop-system Error

    this one has no src mount. you look for code in src which is more realistic than the data folder. so: https://github.com/celohere/forgottenserver/blob/master/src/player.cpp https://github.com/celohere/forgottenserver/blob/master/src/protocolgame.cpp
  11. chucky91

    AAC gesior-shop-system Error

    Ur server doesn't have addMount, that's why the message, try to find the real call for this function in the root and replace it in the script. what version otserv are you using?
  12. chucky91

    Nostalrius 7.7

    thank you very much, that worked.
  13. chucky91

    Nostalrius 7.7

    COMBAT_PARAM_DISPEL Anyone out there having a problem with Exana pox? When walking 100% it doesn't remove the poison, and when stopped it has a small chance of failing. 1655478476 Outfit color elf is id 144 and dwarf is 160
  14. chucky91

    AAC [MyAAC]"Who is Online?"It is not showing players online.

    The problem i have is that the system is not counting the players in the mobile client. The top right corner of the site doesn't even count the exact value of online players, but when you click on who is online it shows all the online players and the exact value!
  15. chucky91

    Lua [TFS 1.2] Task Party.

    There is a problem sometimes it counts or not when everyone is attacking the same creature, even if they hit. if at least take the top one and make it with a ranger 10 sqm, at least no one will be left in the dp, and will tell whoever has it on the hunt!