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    Tibia Lending and Borrowing

    Actually there is an easy solution for the "not-repaying-problem". Make it so in order to borrow X amount of money you have to put something that values at the same as a guarantee, be it a house, equipment, or even the account. So, let's say a lvl 100 knight wants to borrow 100,000 gold. Well...
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    Why “Old-School” servers don’t really work

    Hi Everyone! First of all, let me state that this is not a hate post against old-school servers. I just came to a realization, I think I understood why these servers don’t do the trick, they never really fill me up with the same feelings as old Tibia used to do. I’ve tried many, I’d say most...
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    I am depressed

    sup @3alola1 I wasn't planning on writing anymore around here as I don't think there's much hope for the whole OTserv community. Anyway, you need help, and all of the answers in this thread are completely trash, which really enfuriates me as I experienced depression in the past, and being...
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    GuYs, i'Ve GoT a GrEaT iDeA!1!!

    You overvalue advertising, this is a big problem not only in the OT world, it happens in every business aspect. No matter how much advertising you do, it doesn’t matter if the product is not good. In stead of spending that much money/time on advertising you could spend it in making your product...
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    Pokemon Crown Version.

    Lulz at the drama; all of this could be worth 0 if Nintendo decided which is more likely to happen to shut down every Pokemon Ot, if it ever gains traction and we ever get a properly done Poke server with a big amount of players expect Nintendo lawyers to threaten. As it happened to Minecraft...
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    You guys do not understand why OTs are dying.

    I had read recently in the Tibia Reddit that Old school and new runescape was launched in Steam, and that gave them around 50,000 new players, yet Tibia is greenlighted in Steam, but Cipsoft won't launch it since they will have to share profits and we all know how Cipsoft is.. Also, we Old...
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    GuYs, i'Ve GoT a GrEaT iDeA!1!!

    Depends, I actually think most developers create their servers based on what's more easy/requires less time/has more resources; and RL ots has the most information/resources atm based on how many ots are there . The problem with custom, new maps, is that they are badly designed; they might look...
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    GuYs, i'Ve GoT a GrEaT iDeA!1!!

    True that about creative servers, but sometimes a stupid decision can kill the whole esperience, like making it p2w (like Return of the Sayians which is more p2play than p2w if im honest...), or some ridiculous low exp rate where it takes you 1 week to reach level 15. About how latly we have...
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    You guys do not understand why OTs are dying.

    Tibia is not for Zoomers, the reason why we are all hooked to this game is because of nostalgia and because when we started games had shitty graphics, shitty gameplay etc, come on, remember what was Tibia competitor? Old school Runescape, those 3d graphics were trash even on those days...
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    GuYs, i'Ve GoT a GrEaT iDeA!1!!

    Guys! Listen up! Imagine a server like this: A 7.x RL MAP low rate server! all nostalgic, old client, old graphics!! With the old school rpg fun feel, like spending hours making runes; no trainers so knights and pallys are basically useless, with such low rates like 1x or 1,5x so it makes the...
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    What is allowed and what isn't allowed on otland?

    @OnTopic: I'm going to give my point of view, even if it's not worth a shit. @Kaspar is right, he has a point; those rules are there to prevent the lose of people from OTLand, he is just protecting the community, imagine if everyone could come here and find "loopholes" in order to lure people...
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    You guys do not understand why OTs are dying.

    There are many reasons why your server might not be successing, spending 90 dollas a week in advertising doesn't mean your server will be succesfull, I've seen many servers spending money in OTservlist and having a horrible experience when it comes to atracting players. At the end of the day if...
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    You guys do not understand why OTs are dying.

    I agree, Tibia is not dead, at least RL tibia, they have mantained a similar amount of players for the past years while increasing profits (by prostituting the game, a.k.a TibiaCoins, Char Sales, Etc.), I wouldn't count OT players honestly, from those 20k im sure that at least a 60% or more are...
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    You guys do not understand why OTs are dying.

    You’re right, I’ve seen that many good devs stay away from discussions here. At the end of the day most of those trolls are just envious people who can’t do anything and have too much time. I just wish the Otland comunity will get back to that “openess”, “support each other” mentality.