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    What does this [Error - mysql_store_result] mean ?

    Cant find it... :(
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    What does this [Error - mysql_store_result] mean ?

    [Error - mysql_store_result] Query: SELECT * FROM z_ots_guildcomunication Message: Table 'ravenousot.z_ots_guildcomunication' doesn't exist What do I do? ^
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    Map Editor [7.6] All bugs fixed.

    ty man
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    Paypal Php uniserver help

    LMAO me to bro me to!
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    [10.98] Real Map - No Bugs

    I have tested almost every quest in this ot so far none were bugged i did notice some of the doors are perma locked though in towns and shit. lol nothing Remeres map editor cant fix so overall this is a verry solid distro.
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    [10.98] Real Map - No Bugs

    Try the other distros he had werent there like 4 in the file? I want to say half were for ubuntu.
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    [10.98] Real Map - No Bugs

    The same*
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    [10.98] Real Map - No Bugs

    Try using your router Ip instead of your computer local host IP. It should be something like "" If that doesn't work go into your command prompt and type "IP Config" and it should show an ip like IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : < That is my local IP for my router and...
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    New OTItemEditor

    let me know when this works for 10.98 plz :)
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    How do I host my server online?

    I can log into the server i have my ZnoteACC set up and working how do I host the server online so others can make an account a character and log into my server from another location.
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    [France] Catalysium - Beta [10.97-10.98] Custom Server - OFFLINE

    Omg i hope they fix it I am going to play this for sure...
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    Please client 10.98

    Lmao I get the same cringe!
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    [FRANCE] ThronX | Unique RL-Map | 10.97+ Flash Client | Lots of Features

    Ultimate mana potions are ridiculous and shouldn't be in the game. Bring your rude comments with you back to real tibia if you want them.
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    [10.98] Real Map - No Bugs

    I greatly appreciate this.... I plan on making something truly epic with this.
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    [10.98] Real Map - No Bugs