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  1. GhostWD

    TFS 1.X+ Server Running, but can't enter in game

    @Lucius0101 you want to connect from other device to server? if yes then change in config.lua to your local network address e.g. or so called localhost as it name say is local so it can't be external
  2. GhostWD

    [fmAAC] Thora template

    @Bogart I can say that present spaces between that elements are okay for me :P but I'm sure you can change it on your own :)
  3. GhostWD

    [fmAAC] Thora template

    Thank you @Pedrook here is link to repo with template Gh05t-PL/thora-fmaac-template it's better to use this one cause it's up to date
  4. GhostWD

    [fmAAC] Thora template

    Hello otlanders! I come to you with new design to FlatMannerAAC (which comes with new commit) . . . Thora layout from here (lil green here was made by recording software) INSTALLATION GUIDE 1. extract file to main folder of fmAAC 2. in src/utils/configs.php and set 'template' to "thora" 3...
  5. GhostWD

    Change mount looktype talkaction

    20. playerOutfit.lookMount = lookMount to 20. playerOutfit.lookMount = lookType ?
  6. GhostWD

    NPC TP

    you need random number generation and use if elseif or switch or (arrays and indexes) to check where to teleport this thing something like local places = { {x=123,y=321,z=7}, {x=321,y=123,z=7}, {x=213,y=312,z=8} } -- array of possible places local placeId = math.random(1,#places); --...
  7. GhostWD

    Error while loading spawns/houses in RME

    Because you are loading spawn file as npc/monster try to load monsters and npcs from data folder
  8. GhostWD

    Spells.xml [TFS1.2]

    im not sure but try maybe <instant group="healing" name="Intense Healing" words="exura gran;exura vita" lvl="20" mana="70" aggressive="0" selftarget="1" cooldown="1000" groupcooldown="1000" needlearn="0" script="healing/intense_healing.lua"> <vocation name="Sorcerer" />...
  9. GhostWD


    have you edited something?
  10. GhostWD

    TFS 0.X tfs 0.4 help with lua

    try this local config = { fromPos = {x=999,y=998,z=7}, toPos = {x=1005,y=1003,z=7}, } local function pzAutoLeveler(cid, counter) if isPlayer(cid) then if getTilePzInfo(getPlayerPosition(cid)) == false and not isInRange(getThingPos(cid), config.fromPos, config.toPos) then...
  11. GhostWD

    TFS 0.X chaosbangle (id 2127) crash

    so it's server source related thing (C++) this is bug of handling moveevents i'm not into this so i can't say exactly what and it would be hard to repair i think you have my solution, make this item in bag if it's obtainable from quest chest or item shop if you only spawn it on admin character...
  12. GhostWD

    TFS 0.X tfs 0.4 help with lua

    @bolo123 put your code inside "\[code\]\[/code\]" (without "\") like [ code] somecode [/ code] this will help someone to read code
  13. GhostWD

    TFS 0.X chaosbangle (id 2127) crash

    k thx but try my solution
  14. GhostWD

    TFS 0.X chaosbangle (id 2127) crash

    hmm maybe because of some source related things with moveevents like i had with helmet which makes player exp rate higher(+20%) and when i used "/i exp helmet"(or player used quest chest with this item) and had free head slot then server was crashing. my solution was to give this item in bag...
  15. GhostWD

    TFS 0.X tfs 0.4 help with lua

    [How-to] Using addEvent() Good tutorial by Evan