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  1. GodSebbe

    [Sweden] Harry Potter Online (custom 8.54)

    after 5 years.. When will it be up? :)
  2. GodSebbe

    ******* - Open-Tibia Server List

    Nice!!! 10/10. Would use again :)
  3. GodSebbe

    The Last You Copied !

  4. GodSebbe

    »[Sweden] Zanera - A Unique Evolution - 8.6x | PVP-E | War System | Great Map

    Doesn't really seem "unique" to me.
  5. GodSebbe

    Creating Ot ..

    You need to download a Dist. https://otland.net/forums/distributions.18/
  6. GodSebbe

    I need a RealMap 100% Full. No Edits! (860)

    Sry, you're to late.. Everybody has left. :(
  7. GodSebbe

    Best Map in Your Opinion

    Good, because the waterfalls on the first pic was kinda bad i gotta say. Now it looks epic :) Haven't stayed updated on your project, when do we get to try it out? :)
  8. GodSebbe

    Krav Maga - Anyone?

    What sort of journey are you going to do? :)
  9. GodSebbe

    Complaint I'm Tarek1337 Could you remove the account "Tarke"

    Hello, i'm also Tarek1337. Can @Tarek1337 and @Tarke be removed? Thx
  10. GodSebbe

    [8.60] Nature House

    Lol for the Bump. Looks really good tho, only got one problem with it... It's in the middle of rook sheeps..
  11. GodSebbe

    Top Countries

    You can't even rep, lol.
  12. GodSebbe

    Halo 3 Ingame Pics

    An album of halo 3 that i put together. ( Not my pics ) https://imgur.com/a/1Jvh7 Took like 30min.. WORTH for the nostalgia tho:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  13. GodSebbe

    Who do you think won E3?

    I dislike that kind of nature, since i like nature in games. But sure, Fallout 4 looks fun.
  14. GodSebbe

    Who do you think won E3?

    For Honor seems cool, kinda like chivalry but in a giant battle Then we're two ;)