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    [TFS 1.2] Tibia 11 analysers

    Hello otland people. During the end of last year I spent some time working on some stuff for tibia version 11 and since I no longer have time to work on it (nor do I have time to launch a server), I'd like to release it for the community. Keep in mind: this code is not well tested, I'm not a...
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    sql query, problem

    DELETE players FROM players INNER JOIN accounts ON = players.account_id WHERE = :playerid AND accounts.password = :password I think this should work.
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    Scripter Scripting service lua, c++ and php - 11.4 (daily reward, analysers)

    send me a pm and ill see what it is.
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    Scripter Scripting service lua, c++ and php - 11.4 (daily reward, analysers)

    up, I'm available, if need scripts, systems, fixes for your scripts or need 11.4+ analysers or daily reward, pm me.
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    NPC ship

    This is the xml file, as you can see it points to a script called ship.lua, the logic used by the NPC is inside that file.
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    Lua I can't get this script to work TFS 0.4, RME

    [8.60] The Forgotten Server 1.2 That is a good start, I'm pretty sure thats the best TFS 1.2 downgraded to 8.60. Edit: Just to point out: onUse functions in 1.x+ already pass the first argument as the player itself and not his ID so you don't need to instantiate it. You can change it from...
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    Lua Simple and Advanced quest help

    Always use the code highlight when posting code: I don't manage maps but as far as I know it works like this: Action Id 2000 for a chest, unique id will be the storage used to keep track of which chests the player has already opened. So if you set two different chests to the unique id 1001...
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    First server/map quest - please help!

    Notepad++ is ok, I prefer sublime text but thats just preference, as I upgraded from notepad to notepad++ just as you when I started, from hearing of it here in this forum 7 years ago. Every script you code for the datapack, thoose that are inside the data folder are coded in LUA, a fairly easy...
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    First server/map quest - please help!

    The object containing the reward to your quest can be done through an action, you can use already done actions as example, they are inside the data/actions folder. The npc you can easily see how other NPCs were made and will understand how it works with keywords and the phrases it can say randomly.
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    Programmer Otclient 7.4 - 7.72 $$$

    Loving the mindset, guys! Keep it up;
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    Lua The Time Guardian boss script

    Hmm... You probably could do that by saving the damage map from the previous bosses and handling it on the death of the last one. You'd have to think about it though, there are lua bindings to some things already done, you could create a bind to modify the outcome of the boos death, so that you...
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    Lua The Time Guardian boss script

    Best way to do this is to remove the boss and spawn another one (another monster xml), you can save the boss health in a globalstorage when you remove him, and when spawning the next one, set the health to that value. Don't forget to reset this globalstoragevalue when the boss finally dies. If...
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    Have question

    8gb ram could run the map for a few players without problem, I'd use it as a test server for invited testers for example. I'd probably say the 16gb ram could support 200~ players with no big problem. There are servers for 74 and 94 euros on OVH with 32 and 64 ram thoose won't have any problems...
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    TFS 1.X+ Server Running, but can't enter in game

    The server_path on your gesior config should be to the directory where your config.lua is located, just pointing it out as the path you are using ends in /build. Are the ports 7171 and 7172 open?
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    C++ Class has no member named

    int32_t getDamage() const { const ItemType& it = items[getID()]; if (it.condition != NULL && it.condition->getId() == CONDITIONID_COMBAT) { return it.condition->getTotalDamage(); } return 0; } I looked into a...