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  1. kimokimo

    [Poland] [8.6] - Evolera High exp

    This is the 3rd time you host your version of evolera. Not gonna mention how terrible the last launches were, but how you think this one will be diffrent? Will you ever learn that you cannot host this server? Go make your own server and stop stitching your terrible edits to good old servers. let...
  2. kimokimo

    What "killed" RL Tibia for YOU?

    * Pay to play
  3. kimokimo

    Don't make anything for this guy without pre-payments.

    @Owner Gado This guy know nothing about open tibia, He's just here to ripoff people's work and earn money from it. All his ots are stolen/downloaded datapacks.
  4. kimokimo

    Programmer Cjλker Jobs - (TFS / OTC / Tibia / Botting)

    Sent you a message on discord.
  5. kimokimo

    What on earth happened to evolera?

    How many people would play if the real evolera would somehow come back?
  6. kimokimo

    [Poland] [Custom client] Tibia Simulator

    Your looking for cash and even if someone hires you the project will fail because your main purpose is cash, you created a unique game from tibia and you gave up really fast on it. Only you can keep it alive not the community.
  7. kimokimo

    [Poland] [Custom client] Tibia Simulator

    Don't give up on your project it have alot of potential, make a paypal link so we can donate you to keep the project going. Maybe remove it from the google store and just provide the apk on your website like ots do with the client to avoid cipsoft attention.
  8. kimokimo

    [Poland] [Custom client] Tibia Simulator

    I suggest that you change how your hunt analyser works, it limits me from opening skills window or interact with the client while hunting. Maybe make it more like tibia 12 analyser with statistics like exp/hr, estimated time to level, loot/hr etc.
  9. kimokimo

    [Poland] [Custom client] Tibia Simulator

    I love the idea, just started playing. Recommended if you like idle games and tibia you'll pretty much enjoy this alot.
  10. kimokimo

    [France] [10.00] Gunzodus | Netherworld | 12.40+ | Summer Update 2020 | Soul War Quest | Claustrophobic Inferno | RL with latest updates!

    Where's that written? how would i know that a diffrent name can enter my house?
  11. kimokimo

    [France] [10.00] Gunzodus | Netherworld | 12.40+ | Summer Update 2020 | Soul War Quest | Claustrophobic Inferno | RL with latest updates!

    There's a bug that led to my house getting cleaned, I sold my char on auction and it was invited to my main char's house the guy who bought it somehow walked in the house even tho char name is changed and took all my carpets/mail box/store chairs etc
  12. kimokimo

    [France] [8.6] Evolera 9999x exp custom War-Evo

    @GOD Wille let evolera see light!!