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Recent content by Liften

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    Programmer Looking for someone who can compile/do small changes on RME

    Hello, i'm looking for someone who can compile and do some changes on Remere's, if you can do that send me a message in private or your discord bellow...
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    How must be strong server at 1000 player?

    yes, people saying that you should not try to hold more than 1k players because you will not get that enough players are a joke, if we have some ots with 1k + players ofc you can do it, its not easy but you can get it, you are just preventing yourself in case that happens, a smart decision for...
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    How must be strong server at 1000 player?

    take a look in ovh dedicated game servers ,the one which has Intel i7-7700K - 4 c / 8 t - 4.2 GHz / 4.5 GHz could be pretty good to run 1k more players in a tfs 1.x, if you dont have alot of slow scripts and things like that, but if you use tfs 0.4, otx 2.x you will need to optimize some things...
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    How to find items using binary-tilebased

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    How to find items using binary-tilebased

    Hello, im using in my ot binary-tilebased, how can i find items in house tiles?
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    How to setup cloudflare?

    and how i create a record for game server? which Type - nameserver and content i should use? for example for www its A - www - IP, and one thing, if i only set the cloudflare proxy to www, theres a problem? if i do it then i can connect game server normal...
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    How to setup cloudflare?

    Hi, im using cloudflare, i changed both dns on my domain with cloudflare dns, everything looks ok, but i cannot access game server, why? what i should change in cloudflare dns to make it work well, without creating a new sub domain? i have seen some others servers working fine like underwar.org...
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    C++ onSpawn (bug?!?!)

    For a single boss ok, but the most common use for this function i think will be something like what people do in pokemons, do you know? every creature has like for example: 1,1000 chance to spawn a different one, in this ocasion it will be not usefull, will be only usefull if its a single boss..
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    C++ onSpawn (bug?!?!)

    hmm, but if he return false, lets say that spawn time is 60 seconds, after 60 seconds the spawn will not try to respawn again the creature? how he should deal with that?
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    Programmer Hire me on weekly basis

    you should charge first and then do the job, you are pretty known here so theres no problem to pay first..
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    [CANADA] [Custom / 7.4] WeAreTibia Battle Of Worlds 3 | 3.500 USD | Reborn System | EU Proxy | 02 NOVEMBER 18:00

    What expect from someone that stole retrocores domain on otservlist? i hope no one play this server anymore, shit administrators, never have seen something like this before...
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    Linux Optimize Table vs not optimize

    Hi, when my server startup i get some errors when optimizing tables, after some attemps it ends with a "failure", but i dont see any problem ingame, someone know how to fix that? and what happen if i start server with startupDatabaseOptimization = false? whats the difference? hello
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    [Germany/USA] [7.4] RetroCores [8/11 - 18:00 CET]

    lul, edited the post where you said that xinn tell you about how wearetibia steal your servers ip in otservlist by a restore bug ;x, poor wearetibia...
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    problem running a server without restarting?

    So, if a server has like 1k players and its using 85% of cpu, he can stay running it w/o restart and any problem by a month?