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    [USA] Mirage PVP Test server

    Come play mirage pvp!! Its an 8.1 pvp e server still in the making. Im trying to get a good amount of regular players so when the server opens there will be alot of people on it already! the ip is and you can log in with 2/2. Im still working on the map so please bare with...
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    Npc account maker in sql?

    =o really? Do you think you could help me out and guide me in the right direction?
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    Npc account maker in sql?

    Just wondering if thats possible. To have an npc account maker, that puts it in your database. Cause i have a pvp enforced server and want to make a level door to the npc. So when you reach x lvl you get your own account. Anyone got any ideas on how i can do this?
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    Has anyone seen that ? is it good?
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    Final Fantasy

    my favorite games were the 2 d versions. 5 was my favorite. :)
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    Oblivion [PS3]

    i heard that was a good game. I never found out though can you play online?
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    Which browser do you use?

    firefox is the best!!!!
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    Anyone know of a Role play server?

    If you looking for a good role playing community. Just play the real thing. I have never seen a community closet to that. Although i have a feeling one will be coming soon. :)
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    Best Exprate

    Personally, i think tibia rate is fine. But since this is ot and ppl expect faster lvl, i would do 1.5x or 2x.
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    Good map?

    Make your own. Its not that hard.
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    Servers 8.0??

    tfs i hear is the best 8.0 out rite now.
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    Update 8.0

    it sounds great. I havnt played tibia in 7 months but i seen the screens. The iceland sprites are pretty nice.