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    [Canada] [Custom] Kingdom Age (Official release - 2019)

    great game dude, keep it this way! :)
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    [Tutorial] Adding more tiles to game window - Updated 7/6/2018

    Worked for me as well!!, thanks a lot, I was figuring out the correct dimensions in order to avoid map loading bugs...
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    Getting players to your server?

    Social Networks works for sure :)
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    OT Client Particle System

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    Tibia OTClient Android

    So sensitive ppl here. He is Right!!, We should consider to show off our projects to the World ... in English. it is THE lengua franca on the Internet for now.
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    que error arroja el cliente? (normalmente arroja un codigo o un mensaje de error al que quiere entrar al juego)
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    Disable anti-aliasing in otclient.

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    Confirm Dialog?

    Hi folks!, Is there something like 'JS' confirm dialog for OtClient ? Thanks for your reply. :)))
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    [Mod] Sound System

    thanks for sharing! , it works like a charm, do everyone know how to make 'sounds after some action' ?
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    Tibia Sound Project

    Hey, how is your project going?
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    In-game music and sound effects

    I would like to employ you, however... I dont find out how OTClient Sound Module works.
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    Mapper Looking for mapper for Elapsed Server

    hi, im interested !
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    Linux How to make :O

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    Do you believe on OTServer's RPG?

    yh!! :)