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  1. Mickske

    NPC Yasir (All creature products)

    Change this To this: should fix it :)
  2. Mickske

    question about a .lue arror

    I switched to another Rme, coverted the map to 10.98 (from 8.31). now all my npcs are showing this: Lua Script Error: [Npc interface] data/npc/scripts/flowers.lua data/npc/scripts/flowers.lua:1: attempt to index global 'KeywordHandler' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: in function...
  3. Mickske

    NPC Addoner

    @Xikini thanks! fixed my issue tho (with help of a friend). change this: to:
  4. Mickske

    NPC Addoner

    Lua Script Error: [Npc interface] data/npc/scripts/addons.lua:onCreatureSay data/npc/scripts/addons.lua:33: attempt to call global 'getItemNameById' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'getItemNameById' data/npc/scripts/addons.lua:33: in function 'callback'...
  5. Mickske

    Spartans server 10.98 [Project]

    Another small update :) (already threw out some rotten meat :)) 1615776558 Jennifer the Jeweler Michelle the flowergirl Rat quest
  6. Mickske

    Spartans server 10.98 [Project]

    @Simonalina thanks dude, i'll fix it! @Klonera you are very welcome to visit any time :).
  7. Mickske

    Spartans server 10.98 [Project]

    Hi gamers! After 10 years of no OT, I opened a new server. http://spartans.bounceme.net/ I am using the good old The Forgotten Server map and I am gonna edit the %*#$ out of it. Just started and I am open to feedback, so please let me know what you think! Will post more soon...
  8. Mickske

    [PROJECT] Welcome to Clickz Custom Map Project!

    very nice dude, did you stop? I see no more updates. :)
  9. Mickske

    [Netherlands] Spartans Server | CUSTOM 10.41

    ~*Ip*~: ~*Port*~: 7171 ~*Client*~: Tibia 10.41 ~*Uptime*~: 24/7 ~*Hosted in*~: Netherlands, on a dedicated server with 90 mbits Internet connection. ~*Website*~: (<- make your account here) ~*Exp rate*~: 150x (stages). ~*Map*~: Custom, TFS. It contains 3 cities...
  10. Mickske

    Znote AAC 1.4 - [TFS 0.2.13+] & [TFS 0.3.6+/0.4]

    great job! I just have one question. I can access the website with localhost/ but how can I make it so that other people outside my local network can enter? im useing 1.5 for my 10.41 server on win7 64bit tnx in advance :)
  11. Mickske

    NPC Grizzly Adams (Killing in the name of... Quest) All tasks, more real-tibia

    Solved! In the data\npc\scripts change ":eek:" to ":on" four times.