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  1. Mr Erimyth

    TFS 1.X+ Remove Zombies Fron event arena

    Dont work :(, no error console. "I edited my topic- add version and OS! sorry. "
  2. Mr Erimyth

    TFS 1.X+ Remove Zombies Fron event arena

    Version: Tfs 1.2 Downgrade to 8.6 os: Linux - Debian 9 Hail Bros, anyone can help me? i need fix my zombie event! this dont remove monsters if are finished. I need clean the Zombie arena in finish event. fron potision: {x = 32068, y = 32188, z = 7} to position: {x = 32105, y = 32220, z = 7}...
  3. Mr Erimyth

    OtLand New Staff Members

    Congratulations :D I'm sad not to pass 😭 but I'm happy to receive new helpers success to all, fulfill your duties to deserve this position achieved
  4. Mr Erimyth

    Searching for a daily Mapper! Version 8.0

    @Amiroo i Add you on Discord.
  5. Mr Erimyth

    Elements RPG - ShowOff

    Good job @Drs1705 .. I joined facebook to follow the work is very well done
  6. Mr Erimyth

    Staff Recruitment [Official news translation]

    Fala meu povo Brasileiro :D como todos devem saber no dia 01 de Julho nosso administrador Don Daniello abriu as portas do fórum para um novo recrutamento de usuários para staff. Isso significa que teremos novidades chegando e moderadores novos para nos auxiliar na comunidade! Para quem ainda...
  7. Mr Erimyth

    no vocation znote aac

    can we see your logout.lua file? if you can post here
  8. Mr Erimyth

    TRADE-OFF updated

    did you get this page already?
  9. Mr Erimyth

    Brute force attacks

    It Can help you... https://otland.net/threads/gesior-acc-adding-recaptcha-to-accountmanagement.240107/
  10. Mr Erimyth

    OtLand Re-opening Staff Recruitment Board

    Glad to see that the community cares about the good condition of all Forum, my name is Felipe Rodrigues I'm 28 years old I'm Brazilian, although I do not bring content, I always like to go through all areas during these 10 years I'm here and walk the boards seeing the good topics and also...
  11. Mr Erimyth

    Some bugs at my server some one wanna fix?

    you need use this on Comand sql
  12. Mr Erimyth

    Lua Task kills.lua creaturescript

    Bump ..
  13. Mr Erimyth

    Making "FREE" GFX works

    it's a shame :( your jobs are good, and you're a guy who still does the free work, people could try to help you
  14. Mr Erimyth

    Making "FREE" GFX works

    Could it be that the people you helped will now help you?
  15. Mr Erimyth

    Webdesigner To innovate and improve my website https://mtibia.online

    Add me on discord if you need ... Vauban#3939