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    OTClientV8.6 - Dedicated for Tibia 8.60 - with BOT!

    Congratulations on the big project and I wish you success for your efforts!
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    Gesior ACC 2019 8.60 New Features

    UPDATE 29/06/2019! Hello my friends, this is my last free contribution I make in the area of OTserver, I made a very complete update of the Gesior comparing with the available ones. - Some layout images have been changed to refresh the look. - Create Account requiring passwords with...
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    C++ Crash Party TFS 0.4 (8.60)

    Great explanation, congratulations!
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    [Gesior 2012] TOP Edition

    Use OTX man.
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    [Gesior 2012] TOP Edition

    Maybe in the future I do an update for TFS 1.0.
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    [Gesior 2012] TOP Edition

    Wow Thanks!!! :D
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    [Gesior 2012] TOP Edition

    Sorry my double post. Search: local new_item = doCreateItemEx(itemtogive_id, itemtogive_count) ADD after: doItemSetAttribute(new_item, "description", "This item belongs to player ".. getPlayerName(cid) .."!")
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    [Gesior 2012] TOP Edition

    TFS 0.4 and OTX =x
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    [Gesior 2012] TOP Edition

    Credits: Felipe Monteiro(WEBMaster, WEBDesigner) Natanael Beckman(WEBNada) Nailan (WEBMaster) Ivens Pontes (WEBMaster)
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    [Gesior 2012] TOP Edition

    Hello guys! See below the news of the new Gesior. Many bug fixes and shop system with full outfit. Sorry my English. :D Change on files mysql pass(senha): account/ajax_accountname.php account/ajax_charactername.php account/ajax_email.php $conn =...
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    Exhaust-problems on healing/support spells

    Perhaps this solves test: Alter on config.lua timeBetweenExActions = 1000 For: timeBetweenExActions = 0
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    Lua Claw of the Noxious Spawn not work! OTX 8.60

    I follow the topic below and not worked. Does anyone have this system working properly?
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    Gesior 2012 installation

    Remove all description of your config.lua. example: -- Owner Data -- MySql --// encryptionType can be (plain, md5, sha1, sha256 or sha512). -- World / Ip / Port All.
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    HOTA Full

    I need only of transform parts in helmet.