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    TFS 1.X+ Tfs 1.x for tibia 8.6 (ninja or nekiro downgraded?)

    What the other two said. I've deleted the thread now so that other users like yourself won't find it here on OTLand.
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    OTClient Is there a way to send magiceffects on OTClient without involving the game?

    local effect = Effect.create() effect:setId(16) -- CONST_ME_HITBYFIRE g_map.addThing(effect, position, stackpos)
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    [Ninja] Ninja Derpette

    Nice necroposting! Incredibly well, thanks for asking. I’m about to reach level 1000 in Deletera :)
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    Drawing a looktype on a creature based on currently equipped headgear.

    That sounds like an odd choice, why aren't you sending the necessary data through either sendInventoryItem or sendOutfit? :P
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    C++ [TFS 1.2]How to create more than 31 item attributes?

    You were supposed to sum the values for all operations (and convert them into a hexadecimal) and not just the highest bit shift (36 in this case). Let's say you've got 5 attribute flags (3 of them [A, C, E] which are supposed to hold integers, and two of them [B, D] strings). ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_A...
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    C++ [TFS 1.2]How to create more than 31 item attributes?

    I see, alright. You need to combine the values of all integer flags (attributes) and vice versa. Find a bitwise calculatoronline that can help you with this specific task (Keep in mind that you're supposed to shift the bits to the left, and not right).
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    Programmer looking for someone to fix idle animations/walking frames for otclient

    You're right, it's not the same but the implementation is still there if you were to take a look.
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    C++ [TFS 1.2]How to create more than 31 item attributes?

    I didn't see this mentioned anywhere in here but feel free to disregard whatever I'm about to write if you have done this privately already. When you're adding new item attributes, you need to alter the hexadecimal value for either isIntAttrType or isStrAttrType (as their names implies, it comes...
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    OTClient Animations - lets give it a try

    Actually I uploaded a fix/workaround almost a week ago to OTLand's OTClient fork (WalkAnimation). I guess it went by unnoticed due to the fact that the majority of its (OTC) users are following the main repository, and not this new one :P. Anyway, looking forward to see your attempt (if your...
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    OTCi - OTClient improvement project

    The only person to stand in his way is none but himself. He needs to gain the public's trust if he wants people to donate money for this cause but he fails miserably doing so due to his refusal of addressing all of their concerns (doesn't matter whether their question is unimportant or not). I...
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    OTCi - OTClient improvement project

    I know that you are putting up a facade with this alt account of yours but I seriously hope that you aren't this dumb in reality. But please do tell in what way Knighter is discouraging OP by mentioning the obvious concerns that revolves around this topic? As for the fixes, would you please be...
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    Give item to all players

    You need to add the following to the XML element above: separator=" "
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    OTCi - OTClient improvement project

    When I first laid my eyes upon this thread, I thought that this were a great initiative to further improve OTC that we know today but it seems like I were wrong. How did you even come across the company known as Bit Hit Studio in the first place, and why are you deliberately avoiding these...
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    TFS 1.X+ monsters cant see me, more tiles to the screen

    Seeing as you increased the width by 6 and height by 2, it would make sense to increase the range by 6 (9 => 15). or increase it by 6 and respective 2 (making it 15 and 11).
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    TFS 1.X+ monsters cant see me, more tiles to the screen

    You need to increase the range for Monster::canSee.