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    Programmer Job to fix 1 error

    the thing is i have checked that and i also checked if its reading other id's non are working (the default ones) also 1 more thing that this was working before but the next day it just stopped i dont think i have changed something by mistake cause i have github desktop connected so i see every...
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    Programmer Job to fix 1 error

    I want to hire somebody to figure out and fix this bug i just cant do it by my self i have 0 idea whats going on, thats the error (tem viewer) https://gyazo.com/6391a3e3d87c6be7c7ce03f9958491e0 thats otc bug
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    OTClient Invalid thing type client id error

    another bump another hope
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    OTClient Invalid thing type client id error

    Spend another day trying figure this shit out and all i know it breakes when assigning the things that are inside unserializeOtml void ThingType::unserializeOtml(const OTMLNodePtr& node) { for(const OTMLNodePtr& node2 : node->children()) { if(node2->tag() == "opacity")...
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    Dumb question about editing C++ files...

    after every src edit u have to compile the server/client again
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    OTClient Invalid thing type client id error

    Any clues pls ? ;D
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    OTClient Invalid thing type client id error

    I have to create this thread cause im going insane i have 0 clues why this is not working, im using otcv8 I wanted for example add opacity to character outfit to test the reading from otml file before creating custom stuff and when putting creatures: 1090: opacity: 0.5 in game im...
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    TFS 1.X+ Hosting server to test by friends and for education

    So my question is where can i buy temporary server which i can open for a couple of friends to test and at the same time to learn how to operate on everything before going big Thanks in advance <3
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    Scripter Zbizu / Free scripting service

    I think u assumed its about crash but click the link its about area spell effects and dmg in wrong position after moving before spell casts inside addevent
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    Scripter Zbizu / Free scripting service

    I would recommend fixing this so ppl will have much easier time creating more advanced custom skills https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/issues/3470
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    Compiling Compiling cmake error

    During compilation im getting this error https://i.gyazo.com/80af8b636b552fc9b2058b6de4fbd372.png last error translation is: unable to open input file... Any ideas ? Im trying to compile debugx64
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    TFS 1.X+ Sprite files versions

    So im using latest tfs and i have to use 10.98 sprites but i noticed this ob its just something perfect that i want now im using some very buggy one so my question is there a way i can use files like 10.41 with latest tfs or i have to do edits for it since the ob that i want to use dont support...
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    Aurelion isnt ded, ya'll dumb [My Experience]

    Are u crazy that would mean they have to do actual work to have money in what world are u living.