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    BUG in .LUA - doRemoveItem(getItem.uid,getItem.type)

    Hello, I have a problem with the script that takes addon items and gives outfit. When I put addon items which has count (100 minotaur leatcher or others ) work perfect. But when I put Crown Armor or Sniper Gloves (this item no have slot type) don't work. Maybe I have bad functions? For what she...
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    Lua Perfect addon lever! BIG PROBLEM...

    Who know how I Can change script to many addon on 1 lever?
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    Lua Perfect addon lever! BIG PROBLEM...

    Hello. I use this script, but it doesn't work properly . Action - Perfect Addon Lever! (https://otland.net/threads/perfect-addon-lever.43839/) When I put items for citizen addon, does the hunter addon get it. What should I do to get correct? What's wrong with this code? Please Help Me :(...
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    Action Perfect Addon Lever!

    I add next addon - hunter. But when i take items for hunter addon script give me addon citizen. Who know how I can add in this script all addon? local addons = { -- addons setting { which="Second", name="Citizen", addon = 2, outfits = {128,136}...
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    [Znote AAC] Show outfits on top 5

    How i can add $count? With outfit this no possible?
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    AAC Top Level Box Gesior

    #UP - Im looking too.
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    C++ OTX 2.12 Compilation Problem

    Hello! I have a source OTX Serv 2.12 (based on TFS 0.3.7). My version - Visual Enterprise 2019... I can't compile this. When I Can open the project , Visual not see a source. Would someone can compile the files if I shared them here in the forum topic? [Sorry for My English I know - its very...
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    AAC how to show the set of player

    @Znote i have done a ddon, but in Oufits its not work: Addon Nobleman it does not show up on oufit column...
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    [GesiorACC] My first layout - please rate this! Bootstrap style.

    Hello! Can you rate My first layout for Gesior ACC ? :) I stylized layout on bootstap. If the post is not in a good group, please move (Sorry for My English Langue)...
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    Gesior ACC 2012 TFS 1.0 Outfit TOP 5 - PROBLEM

    #UPDATE @Gesior.pl in TOP 5 LEVEL I can do this , but in POWER GAMERS i have a problem...
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    Gesior ACC 2012 TFS 1.0 Outfit TOP 5 - PROBLEM

    Please close a thread...
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    [Gesior AAC] Thora Layout

    How I Can add "slider" or "carousel" with 3 image in this place??? Can you give me a code?
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    Znote.. Im not a Webdev :( In this moment I add table and status... but status not work.. every time "OFFLINE" ... This is My (Your Code) .. Please HELP ME.. PLEASE CORRECT THIS... <?php require_once 'engine/init.php'; include 'layout/overall/header.php'; if ($config['log_ip']) {...
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    Hello, I spent - 8 hours in front of the computer and I can't cope ... How can I add to highscores.php - online / offline status? I tried to copy the code from charachterprofile.php. it contains the code for Offline / Online but I can't deal with it .. Please HELP!!! ZNOTE ACC 1.5 ... Can you...
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    Znote AAC 1.4 - [TFS 0.2.13+] & [TFS 0.3.6+/0.4]

    Does anyone know how i can add outfit in guild.php ? Please a code 👏