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    SHOW OFF - Fade Tiles

    That's what he means. You do not need to open a new post everytime you want to show us a new feature. Either create a single posto with all your custom featues, or use the thread that already exists with that purpose.
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    Can someone help me with look action?

    Source code.
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    Hoster Free hosting Available

    I was wondering this as well
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    OTClient New Skill terminal error

    Well with the information you provided is far from being enough to help you. You should also say what happened to you, just in case someone else get this same error.
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    How is this possible? localhost and poiting to two different websites!

    Are you guys even reading? HE already solved it, it was a cache issue... By the way, all the people saying to clear data and stuff thats not necessary at all: Just ctrl+shift+r and will hard reload. If a deeper cache clean is needed, you can right-click on the reload button in browser while...
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    Tibia.dat Reader + .dat/.spr Structure and .spr reading code link

    You have the sprite size
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    How is this possible? localhost and poiting to two different websites!

    Mhm, yes, nothing count. But then its really weird that local and 127 points to different websites TBH... Do you have 2 different webservers or something? do you at least know where the codes of the pages are, in your filesys?
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    C++ onSay

    I see! Good that you want to learn... Try going to Game.cpp line 3311 (Game:: PlayerSay)
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    C++ onSay

    What's the purpose of doing it in c++? I'm curious...
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    How is this possible? localhost and poiting to two different websites!

    You should check your host file.
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    C++ Where to change "You read the following." on books

    That's client related.
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    [Showcase] New modifications (OTClient + TFS)

    I'm really looking forward for that "shiny effect" in the items (shown in resource orbs video) and for the tooltip thing. You are doing a great job here.
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    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.3] Item Sets

    Offtopic: Is there a tutorial or something for the items background? That blue bg on demon shield and so on.
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    HElP source tfs 3.1

    CAN YOU READ PLEASE!? Where are you form? because it seems you cannot form 2 a single sentence. You are making me really crazy, im trying to help you but you are not even answering my questions. ARE YOU COMPILING THE SOURCE CODE?
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    HElP source tfs 3.1

    Are you even reading what i'm posting? Are you really modifying the source? Do you know how to compile it? I will not do anything for you to bbe honest, i can only help you to go to a solution.