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Recent content by Shirotriplex

  1. Shirotriplex

    What is your favorite game?

    ArmA III is my favourite ;) But as @Frederus said "nothing comes close to the years I spent on tibia"
  2. Shirotriplex

    Webdesigner Paid - Searching for WEB DEVELOPER/DESIGNER (Show me offers)

    Will msg you when im back home ;)
  3. Shirotriplex

    DeathMatch - Oldschool Edition (Complete) Anything else?

    It's worth to check it out! :-) <3
  4. Shirotriplex

    DeathMatch - Oldschool Edition (Complete) Anything else?

    Will check if out after my 180 gb of stuff will be downloaded :3 Give me a hour please and do not hurt me <3
  5. Shirotriplex

    Important: ShadowCores and LunarForce will be shutting down on January 21st, 2016.

    Good old times. Hope we can see us on other server ;-)
  6. Shirotriplex

    shadow reset start when? !? some info?

    Couldn't edit - Important: ShadowCores and LunarForce will be shutting down on January 21st, 2016.
  7. Shirotriplex

    [France] Rookville [10.41] - OFFLINE!

    Hey, of course come-back. For now I am only doing magic-level (bought GMPs from 11kk on Inferna, rl tibia) and bottin' it. ^_^ + You asked me for something, when you sent me first time the message, remember? I am not sure if I promised you somethin' or not but still <3
  8. Shirotriplex

    [France] Rookville [10.41] - OFFLINE!

    A lot of thing have been changed, will come back when I get other part of my work. Currently im working 14:00 -> 20:45 ;--/ _/_/_/_/__/_/_/_/_/_/ btw Awesome server! :-)
  9. Shirotriplex

    'I cried when...'

    2003-2004 (not sure) was playing secura also first time tibia .. went on levels 20 with my brother 22 Ek to poh we knew it was non PvP so we tried to msg Hunter "pl?" and he attacked us. we went south near gs spawn and 1 of them killed us. then we wrote on "Trade Channel" that there is hacker...
  10. Shirotriplex


    missing old players :*aka old times someone playing Inferna? :*
  11. Shirotriplex

    Count to 10!

  12. Shirotriplex

    A Tibia survival server!

    Well... minecraft? //Topic That was before tibia 8.1 - except the thing with deposit stuff. Well, I'd like to see that in Tibia the survival thing. And the hardest boss should be named Bear Grylls that looks like a undead cavebear but more dark. ^^ I can create the boss, the rest is up to...