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  1. silveralol

    [12x] - OTG BR-Global

    IS Just do not use It :) I dont undertand, why have to say anything about what you didnt not contribute in anything
  2. silveralol

    Beyond Sky [ShowOff]

    Liberty Bay, looks Nice ... I love the revamp maps
  3. silveralol

    User you miss from Otland

    @Mkalo and his systems, he helped me alots ... Also, some feeling about Slavi Dodo, I'm sad How he died.
  4. silveralol

    OpenTibia Assets Editor

    Just read ALL the thread, some guys get this fixed using z1 instead of 0... Just read and try
  5. silveralol

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    trying some adaption in oramond south... making some custom caves, idk if I put seacrest serpents or what creature, what you think? 1630617866 Ingame pic
  6. silveralol

    Small Boat Attack bug

    Aff Just check the items id in items.xml Almost sure that the items have the type "Teleport" and teleport type make Impossible throw runes on it
  7. silveralol

    RevScripts Kroazur bug: Someone is fighting against the boss!

    So find It bro... You need check If this function return true or false for monsters
  8. silveralol

    RevScripts Kroazur bug: Someone is fighting against the boss!

    Where is the function roomIsOccupied? Seems that this function dont check If is player or Monsters in the Room...
  9. silveralol

    Feature New types of DAMAGE (how to create)

    you tested with tfs 1.4 ?
  10. silveralol

    Feature New types of DAMAGE (how to create)

    idk if works on tfs 1.4 ... tested with 1.1 and 1.2 and it work.. about the items, I missed it in the tutorial... RazorBlade resolves it.
  11. silveralol

    Feature setCreatureName & monster:setName for TFS 1.2

    Someone can help in the update name for spectators ? Bring It back haha
  12. silveralol

    [10.98] Mapping by Vexii

    Nice... This depot remind me on archlight server... Was an inspiration for you? Haha Nice map Bro, Go ahead
  13. silveralol

    Lua table as param

    bump I didn't got it working ... I'll explain better the use of the function ... I want to make a bossRoom System ... exemple: team A enter in the room, so I store their UID to check in the function that will clean the room.... team A leave the room before the function be called... team B enter...
  14. silveralol

    Lua table as param

    Hello, I'm trying using a table as parameter to use in another function ... above the function ofc ... local playerTable = {} for i = 1, #playerPos do local playerTile = Tile(playerPos[i]):getTopCreature() if playerTile and playerTile:isPlayer() then...
  15. silveralol

    Solved format a nil value? TFS 1.2 / otservbr

    So, to fix It should I use msgLoot = "" or what? First time that I use format function in my ideas...