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  1. Simonalina

    C++ looking for Special Annihilator Script!

    hello, So if anyone want to do a cool script for annihilator it would be awesome!! here is my idea: lets say you are 1 person.. and annihilator needs 4 people.. then you can "Activate" something that press down 1 tile (x,y,z) (Like a character) for 100k BUT in that case you need to activate...
  2. Simonalina

    C++ need script on shovel for Sand/holes... (bug)

    yes that work! (Pretty cool just: if using shovel on Holes on "Sand" it will also dig for scarabs/scarab coins) If you NOT wan't that (Thanks to @Evil Puncker) Just add " if target.itemid == 7932 then -- large hole target:transform(7933) target:decay() return true
  3. Simonalina

    C++ need script on shovel for Sand/holes... (bug)

    Tried, nothing actually happend.. Tried "Stack order on TOP" And force use.. No diffrent :/
  4. Simonalina

    C++ need script on shovel for Sand/holes... (bug)

    When using Shovel on "7932" (large hole) ON Desert SAND... 20:53 You see a large hole. It is loosely covered by some stones and earth. Item ID: 7932 local holes = {468, 481, 483, 7932, 23712} -- holes opened by shovel it just makes "Poff" "Poff" "poff" (like using shovel in desert) its...
  5. Simonalina

    Scripter looking for scripter to boss reward system TFS 1.3

    Hello i would like to have a script like this: if in party and kill "orshabaal" everyone will get a container(bag,backpack) with the loot. (if the party has most EXP taken from it) and if you are NOT in party and get most exp ofcourse you get it. (i tried this "Reward Chest System" but...
  6. Simonalina

    Lua Failed to load map..

    i have no idea, and the server is sometimes freezing and just shutdowns.. this wasn't hapening before either.. so if you have any clue please tell me :)
  7. Simonalina

    OTClient Error Code 404 Otclient

    hello, i got this text like all the time on my client when checking "Ctrl-T" WARNING: HTTP error for http://xx.xxx.xxx.xx/api/status.php: Invalid http status code (404) Login to xx.xxx.xxx.xx:7172 does anyone know why? please help out. :)
  8. Simonalina

    TFS 1.X+ enchanting problem

    im using TFS 1.3 and my enchanting is a bit of a problem.. when i have 20 enchanted emeralds. and i use them on machine. then i want them to make as many as possible now it just do nothing UNLESS i have 1 emerald in my backpack. so lets say you have 20, and you only have "mana" for 5 then i...
  9. Simonalina

    Can't use Pick.. TFS 1.3

    you are an angel! just saying! god bless you! :)
  10. Simonalina

    Can't use Pick.. TFS 1.3

    actionIds = { sandHole = 100, -- hidden sand hole pickHole = {105, 142, 152}, -- hidden mud hole levelDoor = 1000, -- level door }
  11. Simonalina

    Can't use Pick.. TFS 1.3

    Lua Script Error: [Action Interface] data/actions/scripts/tools/pick.lua:onUse data/global.lua:73: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil) stack traceback: [C]: at 0x7ff71e876ef0 [C]: in function 'pairs' data/global.lua:73: in function 'contains'...
  12. Simonalina

    AAC where to find Layout on shop? myaac..

    So.. im looking for where i can change the layout in the shop menu? MYAAC Now i have like: Items - Addons - Mounts - premium accounts - containers - others. BUT i wan't to edit that.. so i can have more colums under in more categories... does anyone know where? This is how it looks like...
  13. Simonalina

    Realmap 10.98 looking for members TFS 1.3

    Depends on how expensive you are.. for moment i am just looking for crew members to my server haha
  14. Simonalina

    Realmap 10.98 looking for members TFS 1.3

    No one?
  15. Simonalina

    looking for scripter

    so im looking for a scripter that can remove some "Quest logs" like poi, inq, wote" and so on so you don't need missions! :)