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    Good Quality server RL V12?

    None yet :p
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    CipSoft is licensing out the Tibia IP to partners to host and operate 'Licensed Open Tibia Server'.

    No, OTs don't make more money. It's not even close. But yeah that's why they floated the idea, to get a stake in the unclaimed market.
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    How to encrypt your website traffic - Free SSL Cert

    Just secure it through CF. No reason not to have small sites going through them. Free CDN and simple SSL.
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    Some questions about how Tibia works

    I believe XenoBot's xray does show player names offscreen.
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    Why was the game so successful in Brazil and Poland?

    Sorry, used to having to deal with the PC culture nowadays, you got me I guess.
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    Why was the game so successful in Brazil and Poland?

    There have been a few people from those countries who have not claimed offense, and the statement wasn't made in any offensive or racist manner. It's just an observation of facts. Not the correlation of Tibia and low-income areas, that's my hypothesis. But the fact that those countries (I was...
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    Why was the game so successful in Brazil and Poland?

    The poll choices are strange btw. I assume the "others" votes are from NA, Mexico, and a few EU countries.
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    Why was the game so successful in Brazil and Poland?

    Not to offend anyone but my theory is... Tibia can run on any old computer and doesn't need high bandwidth, just moderate latency. Lower income areas will play Tibia more because they don't have the resources for more advanced games.
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    Tibia Live - Open Tibia Server List [work in progress]

    If they broadcast on port 7171 they should show up. Some people have reported missing servers. I'll look into it further. It may just not have gotten caught in the initial scan. We sold the OX server but we occasionally help with development. You'll hear something soon about it I think.
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    Tibia Live - Open Tibia Server List [work in progress]

    Nope, but I just got motivation again recently to work on more Tibia stuff. The more interest in the project the more motivation I have to work on it. This project stalled because I'm stuck at a spot of how to handle multi-world. Once I solve that I pretty much just need to finish filters and...
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    Flutter & Dart - Fast way to develop mobile apps

    Dart isn't new, but it's useless trusting Google to keep anything around. Go with Typescript + React.
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    Git Desktop - Connect to VPS repository

    You can just do: git commit -am "Message" or git add . git commit -m "Message" If you want to commit all files.
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    Looking for cheap dedicated servers

    It's possible the attack was not large enough for you to notice. It's impossible to tell with one anecdotal response. When it comes to game hosting there's only one real choice, OVH. Everyone is obsessed with DDoS attacks, because it's the one thing out of server owners control, and it's...
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    Looking for cheap dedicated servers

    That's simply not true. OVH is the best because they have "continuous/always on" DDoS protection. Most hosting companies will simply null-route your IP until the attack is over, then you must submit a ticket to reenable the service. If you do usually get DDoS protection, it's "reactive". Meaning...
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    A* algorithm. Server vs Client Pathfinding

    The best solution is a server side service separate of the game server that can scale independently. The client and server can offload pathfinding to it.