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  1. Syntax

    adv page down?

    I've worked a lot with adblockers and easylist maintainers at my job. This is an accident triggered by the url, nothing more. If you change the url it will work, usually adblockers don't do advanced blocking unless you are trying to bypass them. This is definitely a mistake and not intended...
  2. Syntax

    The Forgotten Server - Written In Python?

    Abandoned, but should be a good reference/start: https://github.com/VAPus/PyOT
  3. Syntax

    Zezenia Sprite extractor

    What's the difference between extracting tibia assets vs zezenia assets?
  4. Syntax

    OpenTibia Sublime Text 3 - Lua TFS Autocomplete

    Thanks, the code is quite old. I updated the gist with your changes.
  5. Syntax

    Facial masks

    Thank you. After diving into it it looks like this paper hasn't been peer reviewed. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.06.13.20129627v1 A simple explanation would be cross contamination of one of the samples. I doubt this is anything unless it gets reproduced reliably. Also notable...
  6. Syntax

    Facial masks

    @Night Wolf Incorrect. It's inconclusive but we have a Chinese doctor that defected to tell us otherwise. Currently there is no direct evidence one way or another, but things are leaning towards lab-made. The US shutdown China travel Feb 2nd. China didn't shut down international travel until...
  7. Syntax

    Facial masks

    Nothing I said is a conspiracy. Updated my post with links. There are several sources. The flight logs are there. China stopped flights internally from Hubei, but did not stop flights out of China even though they were saying the virus is not transmissible. You have a defector (Dr. Li-Meng Yan)...
  8. Syntax

    Facial masks

    More like they stopped internal traffic from Wuhan[1] and welded people inside while saying it wasn't transmissible and allowed it to spread to other countries while they bought up masks and other eq around the world[2]. Their testing is worse than South Korea and the US, plus they are faulty...
  9. Syntax

    Should OtLand Open New OtServerlist site?

    @xinn Yes my point was you need to start with data. I was offering advice for future server list owners. Either scrape the internet, your site, or a combination. Scraping is legal and fine, internet or your page. Yes, again, my point was for future server list owners if they want to...
  10. Syntax

    Should OtLand Open New OtServerlist site?

    There's two things you must overcome when developing a server list, server data and the habits of players. 1. Players can't use a site that doesn't have any or all of the servers, because there's not much selection as it is. 2. Server owners don't want to bother listing a server on a site that...
  11. Syntax

    Can someone tell the story of the otservers?

    Some years there are news pages as the home page instead of just the forum
  12. Syntax

    Can someone tell the story of the otservers?

    How OT started: https://sammynsc.wordpress.com/2012/10/25/how-open-tibia-started/ How CipSoft files leaked: https://sammynsc.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/interview-with-dennis-aka-toor/ You can always dig around on Wayback Machine (https://web.archive.org/) searching "tibia.gamigo.de"...
  13. Syntax

    OTU - OpenTibiaUnity - A new TibiaClient based on Unity3D engine

    That's really unfortunate to hear. Rest in peace Slavi.
  14. Syntax

    TibiaAPI: Record, Redact, Extract, and Watch

    Great work @jo3bingham
  15. Syntax

    Why You Should Use The New Crypto-Based Browser

    Hilarious that both Eich and one of his shills (above) got caught hiding affiliate links, Eich's browser rewards this culture. Article for context: https://davidgerard.co.uk/blockchain/2020/06/06/the-brave-web-browser-is-hijacking-links-and-inserting-affiliate-codes/ Github discussion about...