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    Why “Old-School” servers don’t really work

    @kay but why are you attacking me? Look at your server, great and no doubt, a lot of things refined, and for sure there has never been a server that would make AI monsters, places, or all scripts work like yours. You have hardcore sever with 1x rates, completely mapped out like in old Tibia...
  2. teka123

    Why “Old-School” servers don’t really work

    Nostalgia is a very relative word. Everyone has something that they miss and a lot of people would like to come back to it. Unfortunately, no perfect OTS, or even the original Tibia server, if Cipsoft took steps to set up old servers, will never be what it was. Why? As we have grown up, our...
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    [7.1] Real Tibia Map as close as possible

    You have to consider who was the main ideologist and creator of the old world. A lot of things in Tibia just existed a long time ago and a lot was planned, but many things did not materialize. You must also take into account that Cipsoft is a group of people, not one person. We do not really...
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    Idea for New Server

    You are talking about the aspects of Tibiantis, after all they don't have ankrhmun, only new content + I think there was some big original update. You keep referring to the rods, rods came in version 7.6 and they completely ruined the economy. From the version of the wands, uhs you did from...
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    Idea for New Server

    A very ambitious idea, but requiring a lot of work. First of all, there are already such projects as you mentioned. Retrocores, which has a large population and already built brand, and Tibiantis, which most of all servers imitate the old Tibia. I wish you success, but there is a hard road ahead...
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    Homage: A Link to the Past.

    Sorry, my under-reading mistake. My earlier answer was not offensive towards you. I just wanted to make you aware that by doing some project that deviates from normal game standards, with version 8.6 and its sprites, you would have a hard time breaking through. I haven't read that it's not going...
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    Homage: A Link to the Past.

    Sorry, don't be offended, but this is the pure opinion of a longtime mapper. If you don't change the sprite, it would look different on your own, you won't achieve anything with it. The servers in 2021 are much ahead of the old servers, client changes, sprites, or other game mechanics, if you...
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    Mapper Looking for a mapper for some jobs

    What you want?
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    Which server is the best Open Tibia server through history ?

    Yes, i am that old. One of the best evolution maps I've ever played, a simple map with a lot of places, and that balance that did the job at the time. I used to try to recreate the Trias map, but I didn't remember too much, but so far, I have all the formulas for the strength of spells as it...
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    Which server is the best Open Tibia server through history ?

    1. Exori.net - 7.5-7.81 (Custom RPG Map with 3x exp rate). 2. Trias OTS 8.31 (Remastered Evolution with huge community and medium rates). 3. Old Armia Podkarpacki Ots 7.6 version 12+ years ago. 4. Classicus.org (First best version). 5. Vestia.pl (Custom Map looks like Evolution with huge...
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    Classic 8.6 Tibia from 2010 year.

    It promises to be good, let's wait and see what the end result will be, in my opinion 1x rates this is it, of course if everything works, good luck!
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    My 8.60 CipSoft Tibia project discussion

    What i want? Clear 8.6 RL-Map with all including and all working scripts and npc with no new concent with 1x rates. I never seen 8.6 RL with 1x rates. Maybe lets try?
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    [Germany][Custom / 8.0] Tibijka RPG | ELOTH TEAM | 3 AUGUST 18:00 CEST

    Understand, folks, this is pure money scam. The base server "Tibijka / Kasteria" is eloth, ELOTH 8.0. The owners of this server use the base of eloth 8.0 files because it was the most polished for this version, and probably has the overall quality of the old Tibia versions. The truth is, this is...
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    Thoughts on Ironman-esque mode in Tibia? (Similar to OSRS)

    Tibia - MMO-RPG genre that requires cooperation with other players so that the game economy is constant. Do what you want, I think it's a bad idea, it's Tibia not runescape and don't make it a different game.
  15. teka123

    When making a server, don't forget what got you into Tibia

    Everything has a cause and an effect. It was us who led to what the servers look like now and what the OTSERV scene looks like. Back in the day, servers were made out of passion, you could see how people survive and are proud to own such a server. Back in the day, the main idea was to entertain...