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Recent content by whiteblXK

  1. whiteblXK

    Programmer rsdsebek's coding service (C++/Lua)

    Very good service, recommended!
  2. whiteblXK

    [TUTORIAL] How-To : Manually compile Object Builder on Windows without Flash Builder

  3. whiteblXK

    Lua TFS 1.2 Task system issues

    You forgot to add the author of this code ^^
  4. whiteblXK

    TFS 1.X+ Give player premium points [OFFLINE]

    -- <talkaction words="/points" separator=" " script="change premium points.lua" /> function string:firstToUpper() return self:gsub("^%l", string.upper) end function onSay(player, words, param) local split = param:splitTrimmed(",") if param == '' then...
  5. whiteblXK

    Looking for all packages needed to compile tfs 0.3.6 on linux

    maybe apt-get install libboost-all-dev
  6. whiteblXK

    Programmer [TFS 1.X+] Aurelion's Services

    I have already worked with ricarpe and everything went good and smooth, even he is helping explaining about programming, I already spent with him about 70 euros without issues
  7. whiteblXK

    Windows Is possible export item.png with ITEM ID?

    It can export outfits and in-game items
  8. whiteblXK

    Windows Is possible export item.png with ITEM ID?

  9. whiteblXK

    Guide to scripting with Lua

    Nice guide, everything is explained in a simple way.
  10. whiteblXK

    OTClient Custom tibia client

    Take a look https://myotc.xyz
  11. whiteblXK

    attempt to index local 'player' (Spell)

    local function sendCustomMagicEffect(pos, magicEffect, x, y) if not pos then print("sendCustomMagicEffect: error with pos") return false end if not magicEffect then print("sendCustomMagicEffect: error with effect") return false end if not x then x = 0 end if not y then y = 0 end...
  12. whiteblXK

    Graphic Designer [Noyek] Sprite Service

    Amazing skills and really fast. Recommended.
  13. whiteblXK

    Haste gives haste symbol

    Use condition:setParameter(CONDITION_PARAM_SHOWICON, true)
  14. whiteblXK

    Programmer Need help to develop your server? Lets do that! WEB / Servers and Clients

    Very good at what he does, recommended!
  15. whiteblXK

    Trying to combine skills enums.h gives a lot of error

    In weapons.cpp void Weapon:onUsedWeapon(Player* player, Item* item, Tile* destTile) const Search for: if (getSkillType(player, item, skillType, skillPoint)) { player->addSkillAdvance(skillType, skillPoint); } and replace it to: if (getSkillType(player, item...