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  1. equero


    Hey I'm looking for WAR SYSTEM 0.3.6 tfs on my server. I need jet QUEST for each profession separately. Thanks.
  2. H

    How to compile otserver 0.3.6 in debian 9 stretch

    How to compile otserver 0.3.6 in debian 9 stretch????, what library i have to install, what problems possibly i have, etc... Thanks for helping.
  3. narutomaniacos

    Spell hit

    How to add more hits to this spell local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_HITCOLOR, COLOR_TEAL) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_PHYSICALDAMAGE) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, 263) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_DISTANCEEFFECT...
  4. AyronS5

    Lua Position

    Hello, I'm using friend Mock's snake system on TFS 0.3.6, but I get this error when starting it. system link problem: [Error - Action Interface] data/actions/scripts/snakesys.lua:onUse Description: data/lib/snakesys.lua:69: attempt to index local 'p2' (a number value) stack traceback...
  5. falls13

    Lua Use storage value to restrict the consumption of food

    put storage here, so the player will eat the food every 15 min. * all foods * and continue to fill life and mana. tfs 0.3.6 local FOODS = { [2362] = {8, "Crunch."}, [2666] = {15, "Munch."}, [2667] = {12, "Munch."}, [2668] = {10, "Mmmm."}, [2669] = {17, "Munch."}...
  6. P

    C++ Modal Windows 0.3.6/0.4

    Hello. Is there someone who can "copy" modal windows from TFS 1+ to TFS 0.3.6/0.4? I can't find older TFS with modal window. Thanks ;) PS. Sorry for my English, im only robot beep boop.
  7. Giorox

    TFS 0.X Red Skull not being assigned

    So i'm running a 0.3.6 TFS Global server (8.6) but I am having trouble getting the Skull System to work like global tibia. What happens is, white skulls are being assigned normally, on attacking/killing an unmarked player, although the server is not assigning a red skull to a player after the...
  8. Aldo Axel

    Compiling TFS 0.3.6 Error Compiling

    Regards OTlanders, i am looking for my solution when compiling my TFS 0.3.6 Protocol 8.6, these are the errors that it gives me: 1> luascript.cpp 1>..\luascript.cpp(767): error C2039: 'string' : no es un miembro de 'std::basic_string<_Elem,_Traits,_Ax>' 1> with 1> [ 1>...
  9. Mummrik

    [0.3.6] lua function doCreatureAddCurse(cid, minDmgValue, maxTicks, dmgDelay)

    This is my method to replicate the curse system, since i didnt find it on my server. defalut useage = doCreatureAddCurse(cid, 1, 36, 4000) that means you cant use lower values than the ones i show, unless you modify the function. but it is however possible to use higher values minDmgValue =...
  10. Mummrik

    [TFS] Classic source's 0.2 - 0.3.7-pre

    I did come across this pack on github sometime ago, and would like to share it whit you all. It does contain sources of all the classic TFS versions from 0.2 to 0.3.7-pre This pack contains the following TFS sources 0.2pl11 -> 0.2pl23 0.2.1 0.2.2 0.2.3 0.2.4 0.2.5 0.2.7 0.2.8 0.2.9 0.2.10...
  11. T

    Scripter TFS 0.3.6 8.54 pokemon scripter

    I need scripter to pokemon serwer tfs 0.3.6 8.54 Based on tibia 8.54 only 3bugs to fix I PAY paypal,bank (if you want) IF YOU not are from poland use this to contact goo.gl/7UNfMT Szukam skryptera do serwera pokemon 8.54 tfs Tylko 3 bugi do naprawienia płacę paypalem lub przelewem Jeśli jesteś...
  12. T

    Skrypter 0.3.6 8.54

    Szukam skryptera tfs 0.3.6 8.54 GG:35686862 FB:Log In or Sign Up to View(wpisz że jesteś skrypterem) Płatność paypal lub przelew! Proszę o nie kontaktowanie się pseudo skrypterów oraz osób które nie mają pojęcia co to jest lua i c++ Jeśli znasz się na lua lub c++ proszę o kontakt! najlepiej jak...
  13. AdiMit

    Lua Blueberry bush system remake problem

    Hello dear OtLanders, ;) I'm currently using the [8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.3.6 (Crying Damson) V8 by Printer, from the thread: [8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.3.6 (Crying Damson) V8; I've been recently wanting to remake various fruit bushes/trees so that they would work the same way...
  14. Luka Trklja

    Weird error(s) in console

    TFS 0.3.6 Been trying a new server and i keep getting this errors in my console, dunno whats triggering it and/or what is it for [27/02/2017 01:09:33] [Error - GlobalEvent Interface] [27/02/2017 01:09:33] data/globalevents/scripts/shop.lua:onThink [27/02/2017 01:09:33] Description...
  15. Mummrik

    [Lua Function] [0.3.6] doPlayerAddGesiorPoints(cid, points) and doPlayerAddZnotePoints(cid, points)

    Two Lua functions to add premium points for Znote and Gesior AAC shop Developed for tfs 0.3.6 For Gesior AAC function doPlayerAddGesiorPoints(cid, points) return db.executeQuery("UPDATE accounts SET premium_points = premium_points + "..points.." WHERE id =...
  16. Xikini

    [Fix] [0.3.7 / 0.4 / 0.3.6] Multiple onEquip bug.

    Does your server have the Multiple onEquip bug? You want to put a fancy script into your server but your onEquip function is executing 2,3,4,5, even 6 times? Have you asked your buddy what to do, to fix the issue? You try using storage values, or your os.time to compensate? You've tried...
  17. Mummrik

    NPC Bank system [0.3.6]

    Tested and developed for tfs 0.3.6 It might work for 0.4 aswell none vocation players cant transfer to other players, but if you have a vocation you can transfer money to any player even players whit none vocation. There is no limit for non vocation players to deposit money to the bank account...
  18. ianelli

    [TFS 0.3.6] onSpawn (Changed)

    Hi. I've seen some "onSpawn" functions to TFS 1.0 and other versions, but none seems to work correctly on 0.3.6, so i've created my own and am posting here, may help someone. Some people made the "onSpawn" from HERE work, but only when the monster RE-spawn. So, you have to kill him so he...
  19. Samaster

    Scripter In need of an active experienced scripter [0.3.6]

    Hello OTLand, I am working on an 8.60 custom server named Raptor Server [CryingDamson 0.3.6] and I am in need of an experienced scripter to make what I need. I am willing to pay minimum €5 per script, however I will pay more if needed. My reason for looking for a scripter is I am making my...