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  1. Praxtor

    [7.7] Arkonia Online [8.0 map] - Development Thread

    Arkonia Online (Development Thread) Welcome everyone! The long-awaited, best oldschool server for Tibia players is coming soon! Our goal is to start the official long-term edition, with x2 rates, without any reset. We have purchased the server for several years in advance and we have the...
  2. danio4don

    Arkonia Online layout error

    hello i have such a problem when i used this layout you can't see the panels on the right can anyone help me with this? panels do not work only on the home page. works normally on the rest of the subpages and here it works but only on subpages I will be very grateful for any help. and...
  3. ArkoniaOnline

    [OFFICIAL] Arkonia Online [HR] | RLMap | 8.0 content | 7.4 gameplay | Hardcore-PvP - discussion

    Server Information: OFFICIAL START Friday 9th March 20:00 (CET) Website: https://arkonia.org/ Uptime: 24/7 Version: 7.4 graphics Map content: 8.0 cities World type: Hardcore-PvP Client: antibot 7.72 client ! ONLY MANUAL AIM - NO HOTKEYS ! Server Configuration: Experience Table: look...