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[7.7] Arkonia Online [8.0 map] - Development Thread


Jan 22, 2012
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Arkonia Online (Development Thread)


Welcome everyone!
The long-awaited, best oldschool server for Tibia players is coming soon!

Our goal is to start the official long-term edition, with x2 rates, without any reset.
We have purchased the server for several years in advance and we have the possibility to do so.

Until then, however, we would like to start with a highrated edition as open beta tests,
so that players can report the last details to us for improvement.




Highrated server (as open beta tests) will start this month.

More details and link to the website soon!

We are open for any suggestions! Please, post your proposals here.​
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Yay, another download and run distro - this guy didn't even bother to change the name in the layout!
Yay, another download and run distro - this guy didn't even bother to change the name in the layout!

This layout was created by Hemrenus especially for our project. It was released to the public to support the other oldschool server developers, because at the time there was no other layout that OTLand users could use for oldschool projects. As you have noticed, layout is still very popular and thanks to it you know perfectly the name of our project and the fact that it is related to the old school tibia.

The website is already in the final stage of completion. Here's a sneak peak at what it looks like after slight modifications.
We have implemented a house bidding system just like in Tibia.

Oh, I'm sorry then, and I wish you good luck with the project!
lack on creativity. copy and paste work. another global map of 1,000,000 server using it. nothing new. good luck.