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  1. leomarques

    [TFS 1.x] Procedural Cave Generation

    Hello Everyone! This is the first time I'm contributing to this community. i've been here for a long time just getting all sorts of resource and useful stuff and it's time to return something. I recently followed the Sebastian Lague's tutorial for a procedural cave generation based on...
  2. I

    OTC Bot

    Hello everyone and i'm sorry if i'm posting it on the wrong place, i've never posted anything here. I was wondering if somebody could help me with a code for OTC bot that help me to change the lureCount from 5 to 8 everytime the cavebot pass reads the fuction. I'll explain here in a better...
  3. andu

    Island of Elements by andu /with my RME-Lazy-Teleport-System

    Island of Elements by andu with demo undergrounds by andu with two boats from free to use maps Map saved in 10.98 Can be imported to other versions with RME (file -> import). Map from my Youtube - Speedup Mapping video: Teleporters are using my RME-Lazy-Teleport-System which you...