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  1. D

    Exodus/Revelations Map I got after contacting the owner

    Hello, this is my first and probably only post here. I played a lot of exodus in my younger days and was in search for the map of "exodus". I searched this forum and every corner of google but was unable to find it. I did some digging in the waybackmachine, contacted the owner "Cip". He shared...
  2. e.e

    [Italy] [7.7] Realots Testserver (oldschool PvP-E mode; 50% exhaust)

    Greetings Tibians. First some backstory about what this server is: Realots (originally realots.net) was a special server hosted by Dennis/Toor for about 4 years between ca. 2006-2010. The main reason it was legendary back then was probably that the server had an uncanny resemblance to actual...