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  1. kuhi

    Creating new button for OTCV8, where to get the background/frame base?

    Hi :) as the title says, I'm trying to create a minimal design for a button for OTCV8 Right now I have an ugly button: I don't know where to get the base to design this ones: Please can you show me? Thanks in advance <3
  2. ralke

    Graphic Designer Digital Animator commission work

    Hi there! I want to offer my services as digital animator. I can do graphic design, layout modifcations, logos, gift cards, and whatever that involves design. Here's some delivered works: Tibia-Global.com for @maxumic [$10] Need Logo (completed)...
  3. Keviino

    Violet Vampire Shield

    I created a Violet Vampire Shield, just for fun and it was my first attempt to change the colours of an item. If someone is interest in that one, just let me know :D
  4. rafacan

    Fae1z - Interface Designer

    Aye!! :) my name is Rafael Claudino, but i go by Fael. I'am Designer & Pixel Artist from 🇧🇷(Currently working with interfaces), and come to share my work. 🔥 I've worked with diverse companies and people around the world, hope to work with you! Interfaces If you have Game Website...
  5. A

    Programmer [TFS 1.X+] Aurelion's Services

    Hello guys, i'm Josh, i got a decent amount of time working as freelancer here at OTLand (as jobhunter xD) and i decided to make my own thread as long i feel that i need jump into a formal level of working with the people of otland. I have decent knowledge on the following areas: C++ Lua...
  6. EaiComeu

    Webdesigner Looking for WebDesigner. [paid service]

    Hello otland, I'm the owner of Melindria.com. And I need a webdesigenr to do a new layout of my site. send-me pm, thanks
  7. geragera

    Graphic Designer Design and Programming Services in One Place

    english service page in general, we work with pixel art, interface, programming and, c ++ and LUA and many others. come and budget your project with affordable prices. pt-br pagina de serviços em geral, trabalhamos com pixel art, interface, programação e, c++ e LUA e muitos outros. venha...
  8. rafacan

    Faelz Gallery

    Hello!! my name is Rafael Claudino, but i go by Fael, well... i'm Designer/Concept Artist and Pixel Artist, and come to share my work with you. (well, i dont know if can post big art (general design) here, sorry if can't!! - Sprites Thanks for your time!! :p Discord...
  9. Mindinho

    (Showoff) Character / Poke Bar for OTC

    Hello, I am new to this forum and want to show one of my works. This is the Poke / Character bar I created using photoshop :)
  10. Mindinho

    Logotype editable for pokeot

    Hello, I am making this editable logo for pokeot available. The file is in .psd format, can only be edited using photoshop. The font used in the logo is inside the .rar file, but you can use other fonts to change the logo's look. How do I edit the file? Open the photoshop and open the file...
  11. MagicWall

    First steps in responsive OTClient design

    Similar to responsive web page design, I want make similar system in OTClient. I was able to make functions similar to CSS: width: 50% -> widthPercent(50) height: 30% -> heightPercent(30) Ok, so what they look like in real: Why OTClient flash? Because I resize application window and it's...
  12. geragera

    Graphic Designer Freelancer Graphic Designer

    I'm freelancer and I work with graphic art, my portfolio has from pixel art to aninmation and interface, and I work with map (Pt-Br) Sou freelancer e trabalho com arte gráfica, meu portfólio tem dez de pixel art ate animação e interface, e trabalho com map My page: Hogwarts Game Online...
  13. danne3131

    Graphic Designer OTC Background artist, big project ! feel the hype

    Hello guys, im looking for a graphic designer who could paint a cool looking background for me! PM me for more information regarding this. Only serious and talented people please. Cheers!
  14. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #3

    better quality pic: https://i.cubeupload.com/bnlWOg.png background artwork by Cipsoft