1. Senzation96

    Lua Function Donation Manarune script

    Yo I edited the regular Donation Manarune script This script is for - 8.6 running on TFS 0.4 Donation Manarune script Path to edit/add - Server -> Senzation EVO\data\spells\scripts\healing\"Yourscript.lua" ---------------------------------------------- Path to edit/add - Server -->...
  2. dunnish

    AAC Znote paypal Not getting Donate points

    Hello! i have extension=php_curl enable in my uniform server and i get the cash to my paypal account. i get email from paypal that i have recive a payment. i get ERROR: Invalid data...
  3. StriterAlfa

    A new OT website development using .NET and updated tools

    What is Tripeace? Tripeace is a open source website based on C# .NET language under development, to be another OT Tibia website option instead of PHP language version. The application has the same name that my old guild on global Tibia. You surely can use your OT Server name on the website...