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  1. Amoaz

    [France] [7.4] Faloria | Server started [11th Feb - 2022]

    Welcome to Faloria! Launching on February 11th at 20.00 GMT+1 Our website: https://faloria.online/ Our Discord: Faloria Discord Our discussion thread: Faloria discussion thread Account creation opens on February 6th We are a old-school Tibia community that still cant let go of what CipSoft...
  2. Amoaz

    [France] [7.4] Faloria beta - Launch January 7th 15.00 GMT+1

    The Faloria Beta is now launching on January 7th! Registration for the BETA is now open, head over to Faloria Online to sign up! The client will also be released shortly, which is required to play on our server. The...
  3. Amoaz

    Resurrection of Faloria 7.4

    Welcome to the discussion thread for Faloria 7.4. Some of you may remember the project from back in 2012-2014, when it was last hosted. Now we've all gotten older and probably not much wiser, but just as dedicated to deliver a proper and fun 7.4 Tibia experience. The development has been...