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[France] [7.4] Faloria beta - Launch January 7th 15.00 GMT+1

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Jan 14, 2009
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The Faloria Beta is now launching on January 7th!


Registration for the BETA is now open, head over to Faloria Online to sign up! The client will also be released shortly, which is required to play on our server.

The following configuration is applied to the beta-server (note: this configuration does not reflect the live server)
  • Server has the following rates:
    • Experience:
      • 1-30: 40x
      • 31-50: 20x
      • 51-80: 10x
      • 81-unlimited: 5x
    • Loot - 3x
    • Skill - 10x
    • Magic - 8x
  • Runes are infinite
  • All characters start with additional equipment
  • All depots has a "Beta Npc" that can give you some additional weapons/equipment and cash once you get to main
  • Webiste: Faloria (https://www.faloria.online/)
Why Faloria?
We want to bring something new to the oldschool scene. Both in the sense of a more longterm, stable project with serious administration with plenty of experience, but also to bring new features to keep the game interesting. At this point Faloria already has some custom systems integrated to breath new life into the game. This brings more things to do to the players and more areas for you to explore.
Even though the map itself is made up of the original 7.7 cip map, we have introduced revamped spawns, expanded islands and additional hunting areas, in a attempt to give the players something new and exciting. Read more for yourself over at our website: Faloria Systems

About the project
This project has been in development for little over a year now, and we are finally able to provide you with a first glance on what we've been working on.
Faloria is a 7.4 Tibia server based on 7.7 map. Everything except the map is made out to the 7.4 version, so for example spells are based on magiclevel, UH-traps are possible and the boats have no protection zone.

We want you to have fun and engage with the game when playing on Faloria. It is the players that make the game, and all we as developers can do is make sure you have the means to have fun. We want to deliver a genuine oldschool feeling while keeping things interesting.
This also means that we always keep an ear open towards the community. Every constructive piece of opinion is important for us and help us improve our game.

Beta rewards
Participating in the beta should of course be rewarding, and as a token of our gratitude towards the players who participate, we will give each player that spend at least four hours online, a free week of Golden Account when the real server starts.
Players that also actively finds and report bugs to us throught the Discord/in-game module will recieve an additional reward as a token of our gratitude.

If you want to stay up to date on development of this server, join our Discord: Join Faloria Discord
For more information about the server, check our website here: Faloria Systems or our discussion thread here: OtLand Discussion Thread

Damn haven't seen ur name in a long while, best of luck :)
One hour from now until we open up :) Make sure you have the client downloaded and patched to be able to login on launch!

We have updated Faloria and here is the latest changelog:
  • All reported map bugs
  • Spawn time on all monsters has been decreased
  • NPC dialog updated
  • Battle list fixed and improved
  • Updated sprite for wasp
  • Fixed spell book
  • Can now properly use runes on shovel holes
  • Removed PZ that was left on some carpet tiles
  • Updated price when buying "bp of ..."
Good to see you again, Amoaz.
Good luck with the projekt!

What will the final rates be like? Lowrate?
Happy to see you are still around! And thanks :)

Our main server will most likely be lowrated as we aim for a really longterm project :)
The following changes will be applied at next server save:
  • All reported mapbugs
  • Reduced spam-rate of monsters spells (monsters cast more spells when they flee)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the level 50 dungeon to not work properly
  • Added missing "Envenom" rune for druids
  • Added "Fireball" as a spell to paladins
  • Re-enabled the experience stage, it is no longer 100x static for all vocations
  • Increased skill-rate to 15x to help knights/paladins get up faster
At todays server save a bunch of reported issues were fixed, see below. You will need to update your client before logging in again, this should be done automatically when you start a client. If you have any issues, please contact us. Thank you all for playing the Faloria BETA!

Server fixes
  • Fixed Edron boat NPC, you can now travel to Cormaya
  • Fixed Cormaya boat NPC
  • Monsters will no longer spamm defensive spells (e.g invisible from warlock and stalkers)
  • Fixed an error with sand borders that incorrectly modified the player speed
  • Fixed railings on boats so they no longer block players
  • Fixed stairs on Frost Dragon
  • Fixed a bugg with ring of healing regeneration and set the correct values for life ring as well
  • Fixed wrong hit-type of Frost Dragon
  • Added correct swamp for 7.4, see picture

Client fixes
  • Improved battle list sorting (monsters no longer jump up and down)
  • Added in-game wiki for monsters (gives a hint of places to explore for new content)
  • Added shortcut for follow creature (Shift + Right click)
  • Added shortcut for open container in new window (Shift + Right click)
  • Added support for Linux and Mac client

At todays server save we have some minor fixes published, see below.
Thanks for playing the Faloria BETA!
  • Fixed a bugged quest on Folda
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to pick up items from a stack if the stack was heavier then you could carry
  • Fixed reported spawns that had a really long spawntime
  • Rework of dungeon code
  • Fixed reported map bugs
  • Slightly reduced the rate of Dragon Lords spell attacks

At todays server save we have some minor issues fixed, see below.
Thanks for playing the Faloria BETA!
  • Fixed reported map bugs
  • Reworked code for getting task-kills while in party
  • Code cleanup
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to not get banished when getting too many unjustified kills
  • Changes to a few custom areas of the map

Some update from us regarding the future of the server and the continuation of the BETA.

BETA server
From todays server save (14/1) experience on the BETA server will be heavily boosted to get more players into the end-game. The BETA server will be online for another week and shut down on server save at 21/1.
As the BETA server closes we will evaluate which players are eligible for the BETA rewards that will be delivered to them on the live server.

Live server
The live server will run in a slower phase, with a static 2x experience. However, for the first week we will enable 10x experience for level 1-8 to avoid it getting Rookgaard overcrowded. We have also improved the early game by expanding and adding new low/mid-level spawns. We'll release some more information about skills, regens and loot rates shortly along with the exact date and time for the real launch.

With todays server save the following minor fixes and improvements were published, see below.
  • Code optimization
  • New map areas
  • Gold (and other stackable items) now automatically stacks to other stack if present in backpack

With todays server save the following minor fixes and improvements were published, see below.
  • Fixed reported map bugs
  • Four new mini-bosses can now be found: Cruella (witch), Amazon Leader (amazon), Peter the Banished (warlock), Jerry the Outlaw (bandit)
  • Fixed a bug where mini-bosses could spawn multiple times on the same place
  • Items dropped on special ramps will now appear at the correct location
  • When you die, you will spawn with a bag
  • New raids for rook added
  • New hunting areas in Port Hope added
The BETA is open for another 2 days, make sure you get some time on the BETA if you wish to claim the rewards :)
More information about the official launch will come soon.

The last server save for the BETA server has just happened, it will now be online for another 24 hours before we start preparing to launch the real server. We've greatly increased the experience rate for the last 24 hours.
More information about the real launch will come shortly :)

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