1. TibiaEvoLution

    [Poland] [8.1] EvolutionOts | OldSchool Evo with Teleports | Exp 350x, Stages | New Spells | New Items |

    Account Manager: 111111/tibia IP: Port: 7171 Client: 8.1 Uptime during the day Hosted in Poland Free Premium and Free Vip (Quest) Map: Evolutions Modified Exp starting at 350x, staged. New Spells Lots of Quests New Items Fast Attack Infinity Ammo Active community...
  2. Gibe - Eagles

    [USA] Eagles 8.60 - Dedicated

    Come here! Welcome to the island of the eagles, server constantly developing phase along with you. You can download one of the custom clients and come and meet us. Did you find a bug on the map? Let us know so that we can fix it, the server is in constant development stage. DEDICATED...