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[France] [8.60] Danera | 23 September 14:00 CEST

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Sep 22, 2023
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"New adventures on the horizon! Season 1 has just started on OTS Danera.net.

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It's a great day for all Tibia game enthusiasts on the OTS Danera.net server! Today marks the beginning of the fifth season of this popular game. This promises to be the most exciting and ambitious season in the server's history.

Among the key highlights that players can expect in Season 1 are:

New Territories: Players will have the opportunity to explore entirely new, previously undiscovered lands full of mysteries and adventures. There are surely many unknown places waiting for them to explore.

New Monsters and Bosses: Season 5 introduces completely new monsters and bosses who will pose a challenge even to the most experienced players. Prepare for epic battles and the acquisition of unique loot.

Special Events: The Danera.net server is known for organizing unique events that provide lots of fun and rewards. In Season 1, there will be even more exciting events that will bring you closer to obtaining valuable items.

Game Balancing: Server administrators strive to ensure that the game is well-balanced and fair for all players. In Season 1, many changes have been made to character and skill balance to make the gameplay even more thrilling.

New PvP Challenges: If you're a fan of competing with other players, you'll definitely enjoy the new PvP challenges awaiting you in Season 1. Get ready for intense duels and earn fame as a PvP master.

The OTS Danera.net server has gained a huge following thanks to its loyalty to the original Tibia game and its commitment to delivering high-quality gameplay. Season 1 promises even more adventures, excitement, and character development.

Real Map 8.6 server is a place we've created especially for you. Our community is happy to offer you assistance and support at every step of your adventure. On our server, you'll find many attractions and novelties that will make the gameplay even more exciting.


We've added a plethora of new items, giving you access to a wide range of equipment that will help you achieve your goals. Our community always strives to introduce new features and improvements, so you can be sure that there will always be something to discover here.

Fast-paced combat is one of our main features. Thanks to it, you can easily deal with opponents and earn valuable rewards. Additionally, you'll find many modifications on the server that will further enrich the gameplay and allow you to tailor it to your preferences.

Join our community on the Real Map 8.6 server and discover the excitement and adventures that await you!"

Don't wait any longer! Join Danera.net today and experience the incredible adventures waiting for you in Season 1. We're waiting for you on Danera.net!


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