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gesior acc

  1. asdzx123

    AAC [Gesior Acc] [Characters.php] Experience History Today

    If there is anyone who has this text in this place, please I want to merge it here Characters.php 1661512263 bump
  2. O

    AAC Gesior Acc - Error

    Hello, when i try to check any character on site i got error My characters.php is I tried to find answer but can't find any
  3. riesjuh666

    Problems with gesior aac on OTServBR

    i'm using aac from opentibiabr/gesior-aac (https://github.com/opentibiabr/gesior-aac) on OtservBR-global, everything works fine (creating a account and even log into the client) but when i logout on the website and try to log back in i get an error : The Following Errors Have Occurred: Ocorreu...
  4. Mr Noxi

    Installation of account maker issues (gesior acc)

    Hello, Following From Windows 10 to OTS development machine for dummies tutorial and got to last part and now stuck with issue on installation of account maker The error is " STEP 4 Add samples to DB: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function fetch() on bool in...
  5. Dvax

    AAC [Gesior ACC] Problem with add new Category in shop.

    Hello, I need tutorial how i can add new category on gesior acc. Tfs 1.x Version
  6. amoxicilina

    show outfit in gesiorACC 2012

    Hello, I wish my page for a character did not show up. I'm using GesiorACC de 2012. example: Clique Aqui.
  7. F

    AAC Gesior ACC Error Sending SMTP Email

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble setting up my create account when creating count, email and password, Gesior returns this: An error occorred while sending email! Account not created. Try again. this is my config.php: $config['site']['send_emails'] = true; $config['site']['mail_address'] =...
  8. L

    [HTML/Web Problem] Creating Latest News problem

    Hey, when I create Latest News on main OTS web it create crazy big "space" in the beginning of each post if I use HTML code editor. After submit: https://imgur.com/6asbbEg In editor b4 submit: https://imgur.com/SCNYD6v In editor it looks great but after submit idk... and it happens just if I...
  9. wa$yll'dbk

    Change item image in acc maker

    Hello everyone, I have problem. I using Gesior2012-TFS-0.3.6, everything works well, but I don't know how can change item image. My acc maker takes pictures from http://item-images.ots.me/960/ but I have new items with new id. I mean to acc take picture from for example id 3341 and show it as...
  10. Aldo Axel

    Windows (Gesior Acc) Error Equipment Shower

    Greetings, this post has created for one reason, to solve my problem with my Gesior Acc and characters.php, in my equipment shower an one item doesn't show the really id item, i mean it shows another image, but in my items folder, i have the correct images and id's, but apparently that has...