1. Erickso

    [Znote AAC] Premium Template

    Hi everyone, It's been a long time since i worked with otserver's, but this time i'd like to build a pretty nice custom server with some dev friends. So, we're looking for a custom layout (not a free one) for Znote AAC, i couldn't find any of them (alive), so im interested in purchase one for...
  2. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #5

    my latest work image scaled down to 90% of its original size
  3. Znote

    [Znote AAC] AtomIO Layout

    Alternative dark theme layout for Znote AAC. Installation instructions: Rename existing layout folder to etc layout_default Download and extract this layout to Znote AAC folder (optional): Edit layout/layout_config.php for countdown timer and social media widget configuration. Preview images...
  4. Dvax

    Webdesigner GESIOR 1.X Layout.

    Hello, I search full layout unique gesior acc 1.x real ots. Custom layout I pay paypal. Please here send ss website or pv.
  5. hemrenus321

    [Znote AAC] fibula74 layout

    im releasing this layout since @vicki24 / @tjafs (its the same person) never paid me for it PSD files for logo, widgets and slides included enjoy Update 5. Mar 2019 by Znote: Default input fields fit the theme (instead of being white boxes). Image slideshow only appears on frontpage instead...
  6. P

    Webo [Znote AAC] Layout Bug.

    Witam. Prowadze testy swojego serwera i zauwazylem, ze po jakimś czasie przestają działać rozwijane menu. Najpierw zgłosił się z tym gracz, więc myślałem ze to problem z jego przeglądarka, ale teraz mam ten sam błąd :/ Pokemon RPG PS. Tak, autor jest wypisany ze stopki - pracuje nad...
  7. ClassicTiba

    [GESIOR] - Oldschool Layout

    [1] - Create Account (only accepts up to 8 numbers) [2] - Ticket system [3] - CastSystem [4] - Trade Off [5] Guild Wars (with Shield) [6] - Top Fragger (With Outfits) [7] - Spells / Runes (Page) [8] - Buy Points (Paypal) [9] - Report Bugs [10] - Top Level Box (With Outfits) [11] - No Samples...
  8. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #4

    credits to cipsoft for background image css transitions:
  9. president vankk

    [Gesior AAC] TTP Layout

    I don't remember who created the Layout, so please sorry for that. Preview image Download: vankk/ttp-layout Feel free to fork or star it :)
  10. Naxtie

    Webdesign Unfinished Project

    I'm releasing this unfinished project. Maybe someone else can finish it and use it. The reason i'm releasing it is because I was making it for someone who later on decided to use a Global Tibia layout instead on their server. It includes the full .PSD file for photoshop. Preview:
  11. sasugan2

    Webdesigner Looking for Gesior Layout [PL/ENG]

    Hello, I will buy a nice layout for Gesior ACC. Send me your suggestions in a private message. Regards!
  12. tjafs

    Searching for Website Designer (Pay Job)

    Hello as the title says im searching for someone to make a background + layout for me
  13. nevereq

    Rate my layout!

    I've made a custom layout, source comes from Vestia layout by Crypton. Im gonna use it on my Roxor project, and I'd like to ask you what do you think. If it looks good or 10 out of potato. :) Changelog:
  14. nevereq

    AAC Please. Does anyone know how to make table with skills on center? | Highscores.php

    Hi guys, need ur help please! Does anyone of you know how to make a skill table like this one: Instead of it: Including php code from highscores.php <?php if(!defined('INITIALIZED')) exit; $list = 'experience'; if(isset($_REQUEST['list'])) $list = $_REQUEST['list']; $page = 0...
  15. nevereq

    AAC Account maker - tiny font - where to change that

    I have some problems with layout made by Crypton, using Gesior2012-TFS-0.3.6_and_0.4_to_rev_370. I dont know how to show up bar with server status etc, and somehow font-size is tiny, only in general informations. I guess it depends on htdocs/pages > accmanagement, but there are only php scripts.
  16. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #3

    better quality pic: background artwork by Cipsoft
  17. F

    Acordion menu Gesior

    Olá amigos vem por este caminho, pedir um website gesior com menu de acordeão. Obrigado amigo.
  18. Webo

    ShadowCores Layout for Znote AAC

    Layout for Znote AAC based on using bootstrap-3.3.7 Download SS:
  19. Zoool

    Windows Expired layout link

    Can i get this layout somehow? any ideas? ;(
  20. T

    [Gesior AAC] tibiarl layout edited by Br0ken [gold]

    Hello i edit tibiarl layout and release here. DOWNLOAD SCAN Like it? REP