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  1. 4Marsupilami

    Webdesigner Marsupilami - Web design services

    Hi, I offer website design services. These are promotional pages, for companies, for games (like Tibia). I also create backgrounds, logos, banners and more. Below I present examples of the work done (Click to open in new window) (Click to open in new window) Contact Contact with me is...
  2. prophets

    prophets Designer - Graphic Solutions [Contact us].

    Hello guys! My name is Thiago Adalberto and I'm a Graphic Designer or Tibia for more than 4 years, sought after by today's largest servers. During this learning time, I improved every day and with that I created an online team, with excellent professionals, to serve you in the best way. We...
  3. Zainox

    Looking for a Premium Layout for Gessior TFS 0.4/OTX

    Hello, i hope everybody has a wonderful day. I am currently working on an RPG project. I am looking for someone who can design or have in their possession a layout for Gessior TFS 0.4. I want an RPG layout and very original. But keep the structure of the original tibia layout, to take advantage...
  4. Sotomayor

    Gesior Top level box

    Hello all i need a help on my top level i put a some medal of gold , on side of the Name and level i do it, but my problem is the 5 top have all the same medals i have one medal different for every top example level top have gold medal, second top level, silver medal, and third have bronze but i...
  5. Mdbeng

    Webdesigner Web Developer offering my services.

    Good evening, I'm an engineer offering my services, you can contact me and we can talk about what you plan to do and we put a price to work and if you agree I start, once finished I upload it, you will try it, if You are satisfied with proceed to the money transfer and we are done. What can i...
  6. Naxtie

    [Znote AAC] Naxtie Layout

    Hello there, i'm releasing this layout on OtLand since the guy that I made if for refused to pay me. So here you go, a brand new layout for Znote AAC.. Enjoy! Screenshot: (Remember to replace your current credits.php to the one in the folder).