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  1. VoltZz

    Graphic Designer Promotional & war videos services

    I'm doing videos related to tibia either if its promotional ,tutorials or war videos contact me on discord : VoltZ#1062 Some projects : And more here VoltZ's channel
  2. Pinama

    Graphic Designer Graphic designer for hire! (logotypes, gif banners, layouts)

    Hello! My name is Klaudia and I'm a graphic designer. Here are some of my logo designs: I'm making simple gif banners: and simple graphic changes in layouts :) Please contact me for projects or any questions you might have. 😄😄 Contact • E-mail: [email protected] •...
  3. prophets

    prophets Designer - Graphic Solutions [Contact us].

    Hello guys! My name is Thiago Adalberto and I'm a Graphic Designer or Tibia for more than 4 years, sought after by today's largest servers. During this learning time, I improved every day and with that I created an online team, with excellent professionals, to serve you in the best way. We...
  4. villelagui

    Gesior Guild Logos Bug

    I'm having some problemas with gesior guild logos... At the page Guilds the logos aren't shown and even if i try to update to a new one it wont change. Won't give me any errors or anything like that... Here's my Guilds - Warzera Server <?php if(!defined('INITIALIZED')) exit; if($action...
  5. namco

    Graphic Designer Give your project the identity it needs!

    Hello, all! I am a Brazilian design student plus artist and I work as a graphical designer/artist. I can design you the visual identity your project needs, with: LOGO, BRAND, ARTS for PIC, WEBSITE etc EVERYTHING WITH THE BEST VECTOR/PIXEL/PRINTING QUALITY! We can make a budget, contact me...
  6. Falacchi

    Linux Guild Logo Missing

    Hello guys, I have already tried in several tutorials and already tried to change several pages (guild.php / guild_image.php) and it does not work! It always looks like this: Note: I already gave chmod -R 777 html and on the www too Someone with a good heart can help me? I thank the attention