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  1. Jpstafe

    Does anyone remember or know the name of this map? or do you have it?

    I was looking for a map that Adreamot used and very recently Somorgul, I remember seeing it, you saw it in some forum, this base map... I would like to get it, does anyone remember it or know the name? or do you have it?
  2. Yoffaaz

    RL Tibia Map 11.5+ For Mac?

    Hello! So I'm back to editing videos :) But this time on a MacBook Pro M2. So I'm trying to achieve something on a scene of the video that I'm editing right now... and that is to have the RL tibia map on display. I currently have a Tibia map (see attached image) that works fine and is taken from...
  3. valorek

    OTClient [RME] 7.92 palette extension/modification files

    Hi, I'm editing a 7.92 map and I followed THIS tutorial on how to create a 7.92 extension in RME and it worked. However, the palettes are limited due to the fact that the .XML palette files are from 7.6. Does anyone have any modifications or palette extensions for 7.92 or at least 7.8? It's...
  4. ZeroSkyer

    Mapper Thais Remake

    I am looking for a mapper to remake Thais (not totally rl). I need you to be creative and put a lot of detail to your maps, contact me on discord [vidarsk].
  5. L

    need map sinnoh poketibia gba

    If anyone in the group has the map sinnoh poketibia base gba base psoul I'm looking for my contact leopkks discord
  6. almirtibiaalmir

    Looking for 8.0 Evolution Map

    Hello everyone, im looking for an Evo Map 8.0. Maybe someone had a link or something. I cant find one....
  7. OTcreator

    [10.98] Low Rate / RPG - Custom MAP ideas, surveys how do players see it?

    Welcome! I'm not going to write heavily. I've been creating a server under 8.60 with my own LOW RATE / RPG map, it's about 35 MB and I'm working on something with it all the time. People who played on 8.60 editions were very happy with the map I have. I am currently updating nowny under 10.98, I...
  8. Lemonice

    Map pieces for Nostalrius / Sabrehaven [Free] 🚀

    I will start releasing some of my mapping pieces from my previous work i did for some people that did not pay me for my time. hope you enjoy it! 1685635129 uncompleted village
  9. Y

    Solved Could not locate Tibia.dat and/or Tibia.spr for 7.70

    I'm trying to edit the map/*.sec files from Cip's with Realots' Map Editor to clean up from items in the houses and trash on the ground, but the tool constantly says it couldn't find the DAT and/or SPR files, and asks me to navigate to my Tibia 7.70 installation folder. My attempts were to move...
  10. W

    Open map from files .map

    I am looking for someone who can open maps in the editor that were saved to disk while playing ots. Files like the ones in the screenshot. https://gyazo.com/2b2a685eb3fdf5c2edf8c39a24fb8cc6
  11. Q

    Showoff tibia maps [Siffo,Quinn]

    Hello guys how are you? My name is Siffo and my friend Quinn, I will make available below some of our work together for tibia, poketibia, dbo and nto maps and I hope you like it! • Who are we? we are a pair of mappers who work together to provide our customers with greater quality and...
  12. S

    OTClient What is the name of this Yurots map? Tibia 7.6.

    Tibia version is 7.6. I think the map is some variation of Yurots but I don't know exactly the name, that's what I need. The map I'm looking for is similar to the one I have here, but it has some different details, I'll be attaching these details along with the images for a better understanding...
  13. L

    Collapser Zulu map

    Download link removed by a moderator
  14. Peppercorn

    [8.6] Edited Real Map by Pepper - (Oken, Gengia, Pyre, Ghenov)

    Map took frome this thread : otland.net/threads/8-60-tracked-tibia-map-rme-2-1.154179 So half Credits to J.Dre even if he dont know whats going on here hehe. Added some spawns here and there like : Edron Vampire Port Hope Gs and Tarantula Cave Port Hope Medusa Tower Asura Palace More...
  15. alexv45

    [ZnoteAAC] Hellgrave Template + Interactive Map

    Hello everyone, As i realize the Interactive Map on ZnoteAAC Hellgrave theme, i come here to share the complete Theme for ZnoteAAC. Take note, this theme was designed for the Hellgrave Server ( uploading it on another thread ) RPG Custom Tibia server. You can use it for your own server you...
  16. alexv45

    [Znote AAC] - Interactive Map for Servers - Work in Progress

    Hello everyone, I hope you are fine. As i create many layouts for ZnoteAAC i decide to start creating an Interactive map to add on website and add some information. I Done this because some servers have several custom modifications and a lot of text to explain, where to go, where find it, etc...
  17. K

    [10.98] Hellfire Fighter, Hellhound, Fury

    I'm using this for my own project but you can do whatever you want with it (based on "Hellgorge"). Client: 10.98 (you can downgrade by importing the map, if needed)
  18. potinho

    Compiling Roshamuul Map - 7.6

    Someone have and can share Roshamuul map for Tibia 7.6? I have tried to convert using this conversor: https://otland.net/threads/convert-any-map-to-7-6.259410/ But got all bugged. Thank you all
  19. Hnrr

    Hive Hunt Free [12x]

    Hello everyone, how's it going ? I come to bring you a hive hunt that I did and decided to post it for free. I hope you enjoy it, if I helped you, react to this post so that I can bring you more and more free maps. follow some images and enjoy: Maked By: Hnr
  20. fschuindt

    Convert a 7.4 map to be compatible with 7.6/7.72

    Hi there, I own a 7.4 map, but this is really a 7.4, not a 7.6/7.72 with sprites changed to look like 7.4. It's really a 7.4 map. My goal is to run this map with the Nekiro's TFS 1.5 downagrades to 7.72, but this downgrade will only support 7.6/7.72 maps. My 7.4 map isn't supported. I'm...